9/10 Kairo (Pulse) Posted 12/09/09 by John Shelton
8/10 Aileen Wuornos: The Life and Death of a Serial Killer

"This is a eulogy for a human being with little or no conscience."

Posted 12/04/09 by Tor
7/10 Silent Night, Deadly Night Posted 12/03/09 by Todd
3/10 The Twilight Saga: New Moon

"New Moon is a substantial bore, the sort of mindless, limp-wristed motion picture that could send a teeth-grinding crackhead into an unshakable coma."

Posted 12/01/09 by Todd
7/10 The Killing Room

"Four cash-hungry subjects are brought in for a day long test group with no idea what they have signed on for."

Posted 11/30/09 by Tor
7/10 The Black Waters of Echo's Pond

"Thankfully, this flick, while far from mind-blowing, was a really good time, especially when viewed in a packed convention hall."

Posted 11/25/09 by mark
5/10 The Guard Post

"Problems aside, the film does feature a number of genuinely creepy scenes, as well as several heaping buckets of putrid gore."

Posted 11/24/09 by Todd
8/10 Not Quite Hollywood

"When I say this is a whole chunk of genre films I know nothing about I’m not exaggerating."

Posted 11/23/09 by John Shelton
3/10 One Dark Night

"One Dark Night is simply a cheap fraud of a horror film."

Posted 11/20/09 by Tor
6/10 The Masked Girl

"Overall, it’s a nice little slice of inoffensive, empty-headed fun, a tidy action piece that understands its B-movie roots."

Posted 11/19/09 by Todd
6/10 Hush

"Bottom line: "Hush" is quality work from an emerging talent within the genre."

Posted 11/17/09 by Todd
9/10 Thirst

"Thirst is exactly the kind of vampire movie you’d expect from Park Chan-wook, one of the most unique and talented directors working today."

Posted 11/16/09 by John Shelton
4/10 Severed: Forest of the Dead

"When do we reach the saturation point for scenes where someone’s friend or lover or child becomes a zombie and they can’t bring themselves to kill them?"

Posted 11/13/09 by Tor
5/10 Skinned Deep

"I'm used to taking a lot of flack for my taste in movies, especially when it comes to the horror genre..."

Posted 11/12/09 by Todd
7/10 Chaw

"Were 'Van Helsing' director Stephen Sommers hired to direct the remake of Russell Mulcahy's 1984 swine-oriented horror opus 'Razorback,' it might look something like 'Chaw.'"

Posted 11/11/09 by Todd
8/10 The Abandoned

By combining past, present and possibility into a twisty Moebius Strip of a movie, “The Abandoned” succeeds in being scary and cerebral at the same time.

Posted 11/09/09 by John Shelton
6/10 Dark Floors

"Fantasy based films with costumed rock stars playing the characters that they play onstage form a small and often unintentionally hilarious subgenre."

Posted 11/06/09 by Tor
4/10 Fist Of The Vampire

"If those two key elements are missing, then we're going to have issues."

Posted 11/05/09 by Todd
9/10 The House Of The Devil

"Exactly the sort of eerie, deliberately-paced fright flick that prevents me from dramatically throwing up my hands and abandoning the genre altogether."

Posted 11/03/09 by Todd
2/10 Platoon of the Dead

"In the near future, the dead rise from their graves and take action. This time however, they are more organized and form their own army to take on the living..."

Posted 11/02/09 by Casey
8/10 Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie

"Dallas and Wayne have big dreams, little education and are willing to take wild leaps in logic to make the world more in line to the way they want it to be..."

Posted 11/02/09 by John Shelton
8/10 Zorg and Andy

"Andy, entranced by a mysteriously beautiful woman, unknowingly hands over a strange and extremely important fertility statue to a pagan cult with a penchant for sacrificing humans in the Economics department."

Posted 10/30/09 by Todd
7/10 Alligator

"Alligator is the movie that The Asylum studio has been trying to make/remake for the entirety of its existence."

Posted 10/29/09 by Tor
3/10 Awaken The Dead

" either watch a handful of second and third-tier actors waddle through a painfully familiar and extremely tired scenario or you nod off about halfway through and drool all over yourself."

Posted 10/27/09 by Todd
2/10 Staunton Hill

"The worst kind of bad movie is a boring one..."

Posted 10/26/09 by John Shelton
3/10 Evilution

"Surprisingly not a Syfy Original feature..."

Posted 10/26/09 by Casey
3/10 Saw VI

Now though, with six films in the bag, it's more obvious than ever that any innovative juice the series once had has been wrung out.

Posted 10/24/09 by Jon
3/10 The Bunker

"World War II was the most widespread and costly armed conflict that the world has ever known. As such, even today it is an endlessly fertile setting for ghost stories and horrific tales of all kinds."

Posted 10/23/09 by Tor
3/10 Skeleton Man

"And while I love cheesy, nonsensical motion pictures featuring tribal killers as much as the next guy, I do have to draw the limit somewhere. Otherwise, I would spend my entire life watching cheap, empty-headed SyFy movies in my underwear..."

Posted 10/22/09 by Todd
8/10 Home Movie

"Generally speaking, I am not a fan of children. And, as far as I can tell, they don't care much for me, either..."

Posted 10/20/09 by Todd

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