8/10 Nun of That

A great American gore comedy

Posted 06/24/10 by Todd
8/10 AM1200

If there's any film that rightfully deserves the Lovecraftian badge of honor, it's "AM1200"

Posted 06/22/10 by Todd
3/10 Suicide Girls Must Die!

Armed with a fast forward button there’s a chance you might enjoy yourself, just don’t expect anything else.

Posted 06/21/10 by John Shelton
8/10 Noise

A good film about the human responses to trauma and instability, and the profound loneliness that evolves out of those choices.

Posted 06/18/10 by Tor
6/10 Robo-Geisha

It certainly wasn't the pinnacle of over-the-top debauchery I was hoping it would be.

Posted 06/17/10 by Todd
8/10 Kill, Baby... Kill!

"... an acid-tainted ride through a dangerous and sexed-up European off-brand version of Disney’s Haunted Mansion"

Posted 06/14/10 by John Shelton
5/10 Train

You won’t forget that “Train” is a rip off of several films.

Posted 06/11/10 by Tor
4/10 Bikini Girls on Ice

Some people will probably love this thing, and spend several long hours composing nasty e-mails explaining in great detail how utterly pathetic I am for expressing myself in such a negative manner.

Posted 06/10/10 by Todd
8/10 Rampage

Say what you will about Uwe Boll, but "Rampage" is a damn fine movie.

Posted 06/08/10 by Todd
7/10 Run! Bitch Run!

It wouldn’t be hard to pass off “Run! Bitch Run!” as a forgotten exploitation relic from the 70s.

Posted 06/07/10 by John Shelton
7/10 Splice

"Splice" may end up in familiar territory, but not before treading far and wide.

Posted 06/05/10 by Jon
8/10 Wisconsin Death Trip

Traffics in the equivocal, and speaks with light, shadow and subtlety.

Posted 06/04/10 by Tor
4/10 Yoga

A joy to watch, visually speaking

Posted 06/03/10 by Todd
5/10 Splatter

Essentially a bunch of talented people (and Corey Feldman) slumming it to slap together a 29 minute quicky horror comedy.

Posted 06/02/10 by John Shelton
5/10 Mega Piranha

Deliriously poor yet oddly enjoyable action/horror hybrid

Posted 06/01/10 by Todd
4/10 The Devil's Tomb

Bad, bad movie.

Posted 05/28/10 by Tor
7/10 Blood Car

Think "Hemoglobin Hot Rod"

Posted 05/27/10 by Casey
3/10 Hard Ride to Hell

Modern-day biker movies tend to suck the dirt-encrusted toe hair off the devil's misshapen kneecaps.

Posted 05/27/10 by Todd
4/10 Mutant Vampire Zombies from the Hood

Apparently being undead does wonders for your libido.

Posted 05/25/10 by Todd
9/10 Pontypool

“Pontypool” is, quite literally, a zombie movie like you’ve never seen before.

Posted 05/24/10 by John Shelton
3/10 100 Million BC

All the Little Debbie Devil Squares in Tennessee can't make this one worth the effort.

Posted 05/24/10 by Tor
3/10 The Silent Scream (1980)

If you happen to find yourself in possession of a copy of this derivative mess do everyone a favor and fast forward or chapter skip to minute 45.

Posted 05/21/10 by Tor
8/10 Valhalla Rising

Unless you truly appreciate fringe cinema or have a wicked hard-on for Gus Van Sant-inspired pacing, there's really not a lot for people to sink their teeth into.

Posted 05/20/10 by Todd
9/10 Every Other Day is Halloween

A new documentary about a historic horror host oozes with horror nostalgia and insight.

Posted 05/19/10 by Casey
7/10 A Slit-Mouthed Woman

Occasionally unnerving shocker [that's] nothing more than your average, run-of-the-mill "urban legend" picture

Posted 05/18/10 by Todd
7/10 Nightmare City

It’s hard not to be thrilled with zombies dismembering the non-union Italian equivalent of the Solid Gold dancers.

Posted 05/17/10 by John Shelton
3/10 The Silent Scream (1980)

If you happen to find yourself in possession of a copy of this derivative mess do everyone a favor and chapter skip to minute 45.

Posted 05/14/10 by Tor
7/10 Birdemic: Shock and Terror

One of the most satisfying, wholly enjoyable movies I’ve seen thus far this year.

Posted 05/13/10 by Todd
3/10 Spliced

While this may sound extremely goofy and ethically unsound, it's pretty much par for the course.

Posted 05/11/10 by Todd
7/10 Wilderness

The ghillie suits and IEDs used by the killer in “Wilderness” make the old school machete and mask combo seem quaint.

Posted 05/10/10 by John Shelton

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