7/10 Wilderness

The ghillie suits and IEDs used by the killer in “Wilderness” make the old school machete and mask combo seem quaint.

Posted 05/10/10 by John Shelton
8/10 The Entity (1981)

While “The Entity” may be exploitative and abstruse; it is also technically brilliant.

Posted 05/07/10 by Tor
6/10 Phobia

One great segment, one good segment and two meh segments.

Posted 05/04/10 by John Shelton
5/10 A Nightmare on Elm Street

This new "Nightmare" hits some high notes but loses something special from the original run.

Posted 05/01/10 by Jon
7/10 Hard Revenge, Milly

Deftly combines two of my cinematic favorites

Posted 04/29/10 by Todd
1/10 Razor's Ring

My tolerance for these ramshackle, backyard monstrosities has become almost nonexistent.

Posted 04/27/10 by Todd
4/10 Dolan's Cadillac

...a minor Stephen King story and an even more minor Stephen King movie.

Posted 04/26/10 by John Shelton
3/10 The Crawlers (Troll 3)

Precisely the sort of low-budget, low-brow cold sore you'd expect from the directors of "Witchery" and "Sex Penitentiary", respectively.

Posted 04/22/10 by Todd
7/10 The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

Not for everyone.

Posted 04/22/10 by Joe
2/10 Neowolf

It's official: Mark and Eric hate me.

Posted 04/20/10 by Todd
7/10 Castle Freak

...feels like a modern-day remake of a classic horror film that never existed.

Posted 04/19/10 by John Shelton
8/10 Vampyr

“Vampyr” will turn 80 years old next year...

Posted 04/16/10 by Tor
8/10 Vampires in Havana (¡Vampiros en La Habana!)

If you are looking for all inclusive apolitical and moral content then this is one cartoon you should steer clear of.

Posted 04/16/10 by Tor
8/10 Salvage

Half of fun is figuring out where the story is headed...

Posted 04/15/10 by Todd
5/10 Kill Theory

Overall, I've been pretty disappointed with this year's line-up...

Posted 04/13/10 by Todd
7/10 The Landlord

A fresh and original take on the lighter side of devil worship, vampire street gangs and real estate, made on a $20k budget.

Posted 04/12/10 by John Shelton
7/10 Nosferatu: The Gothic Industrial Mix

What if vampires aren’t misunderstood souls who can’t help what they’ve become?

Posted 04/09/10 by Tor
8/10 Hidden

The best film the After Dark Horrorfest has released thus far.

Posted 04/08/10 by Todd
3/10 Nine Dead

Not so much a letdown as it is a deliberate attempt to enrage and alienate the audience.

Posted 04/05/10 by John Shelton
5/10 The Good Sisters

Vastly better than "Chainsaw Sally"...

Posted 04/02/10 by Tor
8/10 Lake Mungo

[Not] for everyone...

Posted 04/01/10 by Todd
5/10 The Reeds

The performances can't prevent the awkward script from ruining the overall experience.

Posted 03/30/10 by Todd
5/10 Jessicka Rabid Posted 03/26/10 by Tor
2/10 The Graves

These days, I'm afraid, it takes more than hot chicks, ample cleavage, and graphic violence to keep me glued to the screen.

Posted 03/25/10 by Todd
7/10 Zombies of Mass Destruction

Regarding zombies: There aren't a lot of them.

Posted 03/23/10 by Todd
7/10 Ninja Assassin

“Ninja Assassin” is a prime example of a movie that does exactly what it says on the box.

Posted 03/21/10 by John Shelton
2/10 Repo Men Posted 03/21/10 by Jon
8/10 Dead Snow (Død snø)

I want to revise my top 25 horror films of the decade list...

Posted 03/19/10 by Tor
3/10 The Final

Frequently disturbing...

Posted 03/18/10 by Todd
4/10 Hellbride

A plodding, uneven mess...

Posted 03/16/10 by Todd

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