In 1997, a series of bright and unexplained lights were spotted in the sky over Arizona and Mexico, leading to continued speculation about their origins. In 1999, an independent film called The Blair Witch Project became an overnight sensation, leading to continued speculation about the veracity of its account as well as the proliferation of the found footage subgenre.

There is a brilliant mind at work throughout the quirky and irreverent silliness that is Dave Made a Maze. Director Bill Watterson has undeniably constructed a cardboard classic in the making with a foundation that's far more stable than its raw materials.

10 years ago a pair of brothers got together in their parent’s basement and decided to change the world. They decided they were going to make a horror site.

Idris Elba shows off his flashy gun skills as Roland in The Dark Tower

Like a rat-faced creature wearing a human mask, the cinematic adaptation of The Dark Tower is one thing masquerading as another. Its mask is that of a loving ode to Stephen King’s career-spanning, genre and mind-bending book series, one that can also serve as a safe entry for new fans. However, its true self is about as loving an adaptation as a Cliffs Notes pamphlet. Rather than welcoming them in, the hacked up narrative will make little sense to the uninitiated while alienating fans longing for a faithful (or even just coherent) take on King’s classic tale.

Slead Score: B-

Lose at arm wrestling, and you'll lose your face.

Why? Just why? If the conversation around Kuso could stop right there, life would be just fine. Yet, more needs to be said--either as a civic duty to protect my fellow humans, or as some sort of twisted recommendation. One thing is certain and as cliche as it sounds, absolutely under no circumstances should this movie be watched while consuming any food or liquids.

You can imagine my disappointment when sitting through The Honor Farm that at no point does honor in its literal sense play into the plot, nor is there a farm. Okay, so neither of those things is all that disappointing, but what is, is that Karen Skloss' debut for all of its fantastical dreamlike cinematography lacks anything resembling a cohesive cinematic experience. 

So a Luchador, a drug addict and an organ harvester walk into a bar--haven't hear this one before huh? No worrie, Lowlife is one of the quiet gems rattling around the festival circuit that a whole lot more people should know about. It's hyperbolic to call Ryan Prows the next coming of Quentin Tarantino, but it's also shocking how close his debut feature comes to selling just that. 

tombs of the blind dead review

Long gone are the days of late night horror hosts and drive-ins where European horror flourished. Can a film from that bygone era still hold up today?

We've all been there; life starts to get tough, hubby's inattentive and unfaithful, kids are rambunctious and so, to compensate, we lose control of our mental faculties and begin to live life as a dog. It's a story as old as time. That's the world of Bitch; written, directed by and starring Marianna Palka.