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Time to go to Baghoul School, don't forget your pencils and your wet rats. 

There are franchises where more than two films existing within it seems incomprehensible. While horror characters can be taken into new and "interesting" territories in order to keep a franchise fresh, it does not necessarily make them successful entries. The original Leprechaun film was a crazy and arguably ingenious marketing tool to get audiences to view it out of the sheer curiosity of how a leprechaun could act as a killer. This curiosity gained enough support to allow a sequel; not just one either.

On Sunday, August 30th 2015, Wes Craven passed away at the age of 76. In his 40+ year career, he directed some of the genre's most memorable films and wrote even more. In the wake of his passing, we put a note out to some of our writers to share their memories of one of the biggest names in the genre:

Last Wednesday was National Dog Day. This meant most of the dog owners out there were busy flooding Facebook and Twitter with pics of their beloved companions while those of us without dogs dutifully liked and favorited each one.

Over at BGH headquarters we have found ourselves in the midst of Pinhead's pain and blood filled world. Pain seems to be the operative word for this retrospective. The BGH New Class tackled Hellraiser IV: Bloodline which was so crazy that writer Ben wanred us of the insanity we were about to step into while live tweeting. Picture a film set in space but also nodding to a life wearing powdered wigs. Add a plot to that idea and the movie essentially takes form; oh, and don't forget to take any logic out. We did manage to survive this week due to the love and support of BGH followers.

The phrase, “Based on the novel by Stephen King,” has become commonplace in the world of horror movies and TV. To date, more than one hundred of his stories have been adapted for either the big or small screen, but that wasn’t always the case. The almost total proliferation of the genre is thanks, at least in part, to the sweeping success of the first movie to take one of King’s story as inspiration, the honor of which is to be bestowed upon the 1976 film, Carrie.

When watching the first three films in the Hellraiser series every viewer was thinking to themselves that what they really wanted to see was the background of the toymaker that built the puzzle box as told by a Jean-Claude Van Damme look alike on a space station in the future. Well, on that front, Hellraiser: Bloodline delivers in spades.

While some horror icons like Michaely Myers, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and even Pinhead are famous for their bone chilling personas and long running franchises, there are the B-side characters to not forget. Some are not in the same league as the Jason's of the world simply because they came at a time when slasher films weren't very welcome. Some only had a few entries in their series which didn't give enough time for audiences to be captivated and intrigued to see more. There is one, however, that has several films and even a reboot under its belt.

When Animals Dream

If you're a fan of Let the Right One In and Ginger Snaps, this new Danish coming-of-age werewolf film will probably be right up your alley.

Before Arnie was frowning his way through the zombie apocalypse or appearing in a misguided reboot of a once popular franchise of which he was the star, he was rubbing mud all over himself to avoid the infrared gaze of one of horror's most iconic movie monsters. Despite showing some age, Predator is still one hell of a testosterone fueled ride with a whole lot of dude sweat permeating the screen from scene to scene. 

Stung trailer

In the trailer for Stung, a collection of rambunctious party crashers descend on a demure, upper class garden party. It’s not rowdy teens, it’s somehow much worse: mutated and very angry killer wasps. It’s up to the surviving partygoers and a pair of will-they, won’t-they (you know they totally will) caterers to fight off the winged menaces.

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