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They took two dinosaurs and put them together. Like peanut butter and chocolate, with more dismemberment. 

The July session for the bookclub is gearing up to start after the 4th; we're covering Within These Walls by Ania Ahlborn.

<--break->Within These Walls - Ania Ahlborn - 447 pages 

AMC Networks is currently beta testing a new streaming service, called Shudder, for fear junkies of all stripes. The site will work similarly to other streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu, but will feature horror titles exclusively. As of right now, there are more than two hundred films available on Shudder, spanning subgenres, countries, and years. 

Stop me if you've heard this one before: a tall man with shiny balls, a kid, some little people, and an ice cream man with a sweet pony tail walk into a mortuary...

Or, from a more straight forward perspective, in Phantasm Michael (A. Michael Baldwin) begins to suspect that there's something not quite right at the local mortuary when he witnesses an odd man carrying away a coffin. When it turns out that there are otherworldly forces at work he goes to his brother, Jody (Bill Thornbury), and their friend, Reggie (Reggie Bannister), for help.

Movies about people resorting to cannibalism in extreme circumstances is a well that's been mined time and time again. Even by the late 90's Antonia Bird's Ravenous arrived a bit late in the game about 8 years after the critically acclaimed The Silence of the Lambs.


The origin stories of superheroes and supervillains are unexpectedly similar. A hero’s journey beginning with absent, murdered, or abusive parents or caregivers, the discovery of special abilities, and then a series of tests of character. Will the hero come down on the side of good or evil?

Toby is at it again, only this time with the help of a special camera he and his spooky buddies can't hide from the ever-watching video lens. The first full-length trailer for Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension has debuted and puts a new unsuspecting family on a crash course with Toby, Katie, and Kristi.

This is the second installment of head-to-head reviews between the A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th franchises. Check out what Sophie had to say about the corresponding Freddy pic here

This is the second installment of our head-to-head review between the Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th franchises. Check out what Evan had to say about the corresponding Jason pic here

Since its inception, the Paranormal Activity franchise has been one that, for the most part, you either like or you don’t. Of course there may be some variation between the individual films themselves but, generally the pattern seems to hold true. Full disclosure: I like the franchise as a whole.

Someone got some Dawson's Creek mixed in with my Aliens and Predators. At least I think that's what happened here, it's hard to tell in this light.

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