Slead Score: B-

Lose at arm wrestling, and you'll lose your face.

Why? Just why? If the conversation around Kuso could stop right there, life would be just fine. Yet, more needs to be said--either as a civic duty to protect my fellow humans, or as some sort of twisted recommendation. One thing is certain and as cliche as it sounds, absolutely under no circumstances should this movie be watched while consuming any food or liquids.

You can imagine my disappointment when sitting through The Honor Farm that at no point does honor in its literal sense play into the plot, nor is there a farm. Okay, so neither of those things is all that disappointing, but what is, is that Karen Skloss' debut for all of its fantastical dreamlike cinematography lacks anything resembling a cohesive cinematic experience. 

So a Luchador, a drug addict and an organ harvester walk into a bar--haven't hear this one before huh? No worrie, Lowlife is one of the quiet gems rattling around the festival circuit that a whole lot more people should know about. It's hyperbolic to call Ryan Prows the next coming of Quentin Tarantino, but it's also shocking how close his debut feature comes to selling just that. 

tombs of the blind dead review

Long gone are the days of late night horror hosts and drive-ins where European horror flourished. Can a film from that bygone era still hold up today?

We've all been there; life starts to get tough, hubby's inattentive and unfaithful, kids are rambunctious and so, to compensate, we lose control of our mental faculties and begin to live life as a dog. It's a story as old as time. That's the world of Bitch; written, directed by and starring Marianna Palka. 

Long gone are the days of the old school slashers, replaced by over-the-top throwbacks and comedically modern takes on the old tropes. Tragedy Girls joins the latter as a Mean Girls meets Scream meets [Any lumbering 80's slasher] horror comedy. 

A few years back there was a vampire office flick by the name of Bloodsucking Bastards that had the distinction of being "Office Space with vampires". Now we've got The Night Watchmen which doubles and triples down on its movie mashup by being some forgettable mix between Zombieland, the aforementioned Bloodsucking Bastards and Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Just when you though it was safe to go back into the...arcade? Graham Skipper, the star of such recent films like Almost Human, The Mind's Eye and most recently Beyond the Gates, delivers his second directorial feature, Sequence Break, that plays out like a Cronenbergian Wreck-It Ralph fever dream. 

Christmas is a magical time. Families are brought together, gifts are shared and mall Santas across the country are employed once again. Chris Peckover's Christmas home invasion flick Better Watch Out brings another sort of holiday spirit to the season as it comes ho-ho-hoing in with a sinister bellow that's sure to ruin few holiday parties.