6/10 Night Train

"There was a time when Steve Zahn, Leelee Sobieski and Danny Glover were all hot commodities in the film world..."

Posted 07/29/09 by Casey
7/10 The Objective

"In fact, what keeps the production from imploding altogether is its rich stable of likeable characters, powered by an intrepid cast of veteran players."

Posted 07/28/09 by Todd
1/10 Night of the Demons (Remake)

A group of kids go to a Halloween party, only to have to face down a group of demons.

Posted 07/27/09 by Eric
8/10 Baghead

"One of the joys of “Baghead” is to see real, relatable characters in the context of a slasher movie"

Posted 07/27/09 by John Shelton
6/10 Orphan

"Orphan" traffics in the type of emotional gut-punches and twisted psycho-sexual perversities that make the otherwise silly-sounding distinction "adult situations" make some real sense.

Posted 07/25/09 by Jon
9/10 The Bird with the Crystal Plumage

"What makes this so revolutionary is that the immaculate and often classical compositions are broken up by a spirit of joyous experimentation."

Posted 07/24/09 by Tor
3/10 Silent Venom

What do Luke Perry, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, and mutant snakes all have in common? Surprisingly, not the Syfy channel.

Posted 07/23/09 by Casey
2/10 Blame

“Blame is probably the least eventful of the '6 Films to Keep You Awake'.”

Posted 07/22/09 by Chrissie
3/10 Skeleton Crew

"Skeleton Crew is, simply put, more mentally and physically taxing than a root canal performed by a one-armed, lazy-eyed dentist with a penchant for heavy drooling."

Posted 07/21/09 by Todd
6/10 Death Note: The Last Name

"Kira is possibly the purest embodiment of geeky adolescent rage ever created."

Posted 07/20/09 by John Shelton
5/10 Death of a Ghost Hunter

"In the summer of 1999 something to the tune of 20 million Americans went and sat in the dark for 86 minutes and listened to a movie."

Posted 07/17/09 by Tor
9/10 The Christmas Tale

"It's a delicately assembled homage to films like "Goonies', exploring the loss of innocence and the boundaries of friendship."

Posted 07/15/09 by Chrissie
4/10 Blood: The Last Vampire

"As it currently stands, the movie is a mess. Even if you overlook the bad and blindly accept the good, you must admit there’s something off about Blood: The Last Vampire.”

Posted 07/14/09 by Todd
7/10 Death Note

"When given a choice between plausibility and something a fourteen-year-old boy would think is awesome, the awesomeness wins every time in this movie."

Posted 07/13/09 by John Shelton
5/10 Hatchet for the Honeymoon

“A woman should live only until her wedding night, love once, and then die.” So says the unerringly evil inner voice of John Harrington...

Posted 07/10/09 by Tor
6/10 Hide

"This is an element of modern horror that is slowly robbing the genre of its originality and its creativity. Are ideas in such short order these days that you have to constantly pay homage to the films that influenced you?"

Posted 07/09/09 by Todd
7/10 To Let

"There is nothing I find more terrifying than looking for a place to live. Real estate agents, potential frat guy neighbors; the entire process is altogether unappealing and 'To Let' knows it."

Posted 07/08/09 by Chrissie
7/10 Hobgoblins

"If you can’t make it through the rake vs. gardening hoe scene without even the slightest of chuckles, save yourself some misery and take a walk by the river."

Posted 07/07/09 by Todd
9/10 36 Pasos

"I stick it out with ultralow budget movies because many of the greatest horror directors started out with a Super 8 in their backyard squirting fake blood on members of their local community theater group."

Posted 07/06/09 by John Shelton
5/10 Scourge

"The forward momentum of the Scourge plot is dependent upon the characters operating at the intellectual level of farm turkeys."

Posted 07/03/09 by Tor
5/10 Scourge Posted 07/02/09 by Tor
5/10 Able

“Able is a tense, gory, thought-provoking horror film that does several things very well. At the same time, I'm afraid, it gets plenty of things wrong..."

Posted 07/02/09 by Todd
8/10 The Baby's Room Posted 07/01/09 by Chrissie
3/10 Legend of the Bog

"Since my free time has become increasingly precious, I can't, in good faith, recommend it to those who want solid, original entertainment."

Posted 06/30/09 by Todd
6/10 Dead and Gone

"It shouldn't be a surprise that the movie never approaches the madcap brilliance of its inspirations but if you're tired of the ultra-gritty serious vibe of most horror films today... you might just enjoy Dead and Gone."

Posted 06/29/09 by John Shelton
6/10 The Girl Who Knew Too Much

"It’s the perfect place to go if you want to identify the traditions and themes at work in the majority of the gialli catalog."

Posted 06/26/09 by Tor
7/10 2001 Maniacs

"With his 2005 remake, Director Tim Sullivan realized that the standards for gory films had changed since the days of "2000 Maniacs" and that he wouldn't be able to do a direct remake."

Posted 06/26/09 by Casey
7/10 A Real Friend

“A Real Friend opens with what appears to be lost footage from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or at least the Spanish beach massacre part... Wait a minute."

Posted 06/24/09 by Chrissie
6/10 Simon Says

"Will the day ever come when genre-related filmmakers grow weary of making films which feature a gaggle of generic teenagers being stalked through a nondescript forest by a deranged killer with a penchant for unchecked brutality?"

Posted 06/23/09 by Todd

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