3/10 The Bunker

"World War II was the most widespread and costly armed conflict that the world has ever known. As such, even today it is an endlessly fertile setting for ghost stories and horrific tales of all kinds."

Posted 10/23/09 by Tor
3/10 Skeleton Man

"And while I love cheesy, nonsensical motion pictures featuring tribal killers as much as the next guy, I do have to draw the limit somewhere. Otherwise, I would spend my entire life watching cheap, empty-headed SyFy movies in my underwear..."

Posted 10/22/09 by Todd
8/10 Home Movie

"Generally speaking, I am not a fan of children. And, as far as I can tell, they don't care much for me, either..."

Posted 10/20/09 by Todd
7/10 Lady in White

"Lady in White could almost be The Wonder Years with ghosts or A Christmas Story retooled for Halloween."

Posted 10/19/09 by John Shelton
6/10 Paranormal Activity

As an independent film shot on a limited budget, Oren Peli has crafted something that he can be very proud of.

Posted 10/17/09 by Eric
10/10 Deep Red

"One of the rules that I have worked to employ since starting this task is to avoid reviewing films that I have a long standing relationship with."

Posted 10/16/09 by Tor
8/10 Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge

"Should satisfy hard-to-please fans of Japanese cinema as well as casual movie-goers with a soft spot for cheesy, love-encrusted romantic subplots."

Posted 10/15/09 by Todd
3/10 Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead

"When last we visited the backwoods of West Virginia in 2007, we traveled in the company of Henry Rollins, Ken Kerzinger and a number of rather unpleasant mutants..."

Posted 10/14/09 by Casey
6/10 Doghouse

"If the conclusion is weak, unsatisfying, or an unholy combination of the two, then the entire film is a wash."

Posted 10/13/09 by Todd
4/10 The Collingswood Story

"If [a film] can’t get by on looks, a film better have a good story or an effective atmosphere or strong actors or it’s going to get tedious and boring really quickly."

Posted 10/12/09 by John Shelton
6/10 Demon Warriors / Opapatika

“Demon Warriors is a well-crafted, nicely under-milled piece of Asian gore action."

Posted 10/09/09 by Tor
7/10 The Stepfather

"When [Jerry's] perfect nuclear family starts to show its faults, he can see nothing but rage at his dreams falling to pieces."

Posted 10/09/09 by Casey
8/10 Yatterman

"Not too many Pixar films these days feature an enormous, well-endowed female robot reaching a violent sexual orgasm courtesy of a large mechanical canine and his legion of army ants."

Posted 10/08/09 by Todd
5/10 Winter Of Frozen Dreams

"It also provides a valuable lesson to the young and naive: If a prostitute wants to marry you, immediately check your food for foreign substances."

Posted 10/06/09 by Todd
8/10 Zombieland

"If you write down the premise of "Zombieland" on paper and read it aloud, it doesn't seem like anything special, but very few genre films I've seen recently have provided such catharsis for me."

Posted 10/04/09 by mark
6/10 Spasmo

Unfortunately, while an under realized subplot about a serial mannequin mutilator roaming the dark Italian forests may make “Spasmo” the greatest effigy exploitation movie ever, it also serves to highlight what is lacking in the rest of the movie.

Posted 10/01/09 by Tor
1/10 It's Alive

"Were I a dung beetle, and prone to doing dung beetle-ish things, I would happily roll "It's Alive" into a tiny, compact ball and joyfully lay my eggs in the center of it."

Posted 10/01/09 by Todd
6/10 Pandorum

"While the mish-mash of obvious nods doesn't make "Pandorum" the best film, it does make it really entertaining in parts."

Posted 10/01/09 by mark
6/10 The Haunted World of El Superbeasto

"I can tell you this; if you are not a Rob Zombie fan before seeing this film, this will not change your mind."

Posted 09/30/09 by Casey
9/10 Trick 'r Treat

"Warner Premiere, a company which I have come to absolutely loath, has been sitting on this dark and twisted cinematic gem for way too long."

Posted 09/29/09 by Todd
8/10 Murder Party

"The good news about “Murder Party” is that it is very, very funny."

Posted 09/28/09 by John Shelton
4/10 Blood and Sex Nightmare

"Overall it is difficult to fault “Blood and Sex Nightmare” for being bad as that is precisely what it aspires to be."

Posted 09/25/09 by Tor
2/10 Drainiac

"I honestly can’t recommend “Drainiac” to anyone who doesn’t repeatedly and methodically beat their forehead against a jagged stone wall on a regular basis."

Posted 09/24/09 by Todd
3/10 The Nun Posted 09/23/09 by Casey
6/10 Evil Things

"Evil Things, while interesting and, at times, downright frightening, resembles [another] iconic horror movie in more ways than one."

Posted 09/22/09 by Todd
6/10 Spiral

"It’s precisely the kind of mediocre, undemanding thriller that casual movie-watchers eat up."

Posted 09/21/09 by John Shelton
4/10 Amateur Pornstar Killer

"There is an art to making the audience sit with disquieting ideas and images."

Posted 09/18/09 by Tor
3/10 The Hills Run Red

"Had [it] actually provided yours truly with an evening's worth of quality amusement, I could have easily overlooked the hype and silly marketing ploys."

Posted 09/17/09 by Todd
5/10 Small Town Folk

"Small Town Folk is, on occasion, a sharp, well-written attempt at combining slapstick comedy with blood-soaked horror."

Posted 09/15/09 by Todd
3/10 Sorority Row

A group of sorority sisters try to cover up the death of their house-sister after a prank gone wrong, only to be stalked by a serial killer.

Posted 09/15/09 by Jon

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