4/10 Frankenstein Conquers the World Posted 10/15/10 by Tor
8/10 Solomon Kane Posted 10/15/10 by Jeff S
3/10 Return of the Living Dead: Part II Posted 10/14/10 by Angelo B
7/10 Isolation

“Isolation” is a somber, humorless film that takes deadly moocows very seriously.

Posted 10/13/10 by John Shelton
3/10 Parasomnia

Bully to Cherilyn Wilson for being so willing to have her ta-tas cleansed twice on screen in her first feature film role...

Posted 10/11/10 by mark
1/10 My Soul to Take

With "My Soul to Take," Wes Craven's legacy takes another hit.

Posted 10/09/10 by Jon
7/10 War of the Gargantuas

Maybe that’s the role of nostalgia; to keep past feelings around long enough so that you can sort out the other details of events, over time.

Posted 10/08/10 by Tor
7/10 City of the Living Dead Posted 10/06/10 by Angelo B
5/10 The Horde

“The Horde” takes a potentially winning premise and blows it by never being anything more than a decent-looking but unspectacular braindead shambler in the already crowded throng of zombie movies.

Posted 10/05/10 by John Shelton
7/10 Frozen Posted 10/04/10 by mark
2/10 Case 39

"Case 39" has trouble figuring out what it wants to be, ending up with very little.

Posted 10/03/10 by Jeff S
8/10 Let Me In

Matt Reeves takes "Let the Right One In" to 1980s New Mexico. Did it work?

Posted 10/02/10 by Jon
6/10 King Kong Escapes

Anyone who can’t have some fun on this ride probably hates amusement parks, doesn’t snicker at fart noises, and thinks that “Avatar” was the best movie ever because it made the most money.

Posted 10/01/10 by Tor
4/10 Blood Feast

This movie opened the doors for what would become the horror genre.

Posted 09/28/10 by Angelo B
3/10 Neighbor Posted 09/24/10 by Tor
3/10 Review: Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D

Is there a plus side? Do the words “Ali Larter wet t-shirt gunfight” do anything for you?

Posted 09/23/10 by Jeff S
7/10 Terror House

It all comes down to how much you like crappy horror movies.

Posted 09/22/10 by Angelo B
8/10 A Serbian Film

If you are at all considering watching “A Serbian Film” you should be warned that you will see things that you can not unsee and these are things that, for the sake of all that is good and cuddly in the world, I sincerely hope that you most certainly do not want to see.

Posted 09/21/10 by John Shelton
7/10 Aaah! Zombies (Wasting Away) Posted 09/20/10 by mark
5/10 Devil

Not quite bad enough to rank with the worst Shyamalan efforts, "Devil" doesn't offer much special.

Posted 09/18/10 by Jon
4/10 The Prowler Posted 09/17/10 by Tor
5/10 Don't Look Now Posted 09/17/10 by Angelo B
7/10 Cry_Wolf

"Cry_Wolf" turns in a trailer that is a complete deception.

Posted 09/15/10 by Jeff S
1/10 Slaughter Island

You know those scenes in movies and TV shows when the characters go see a horror movie and we get to see a few clips from some made-up movie? “Slaughter Island” is that movie.

Posted 09/14/10 by John Shelton
5/10 Netherbeast Incorporated Posted 09/13/10 by mark
2/10 Puppet Master: Axis of Evil

The tenth film in the long lasting "Puppet master" series and things aren't getting any better with time.

Posted 09/10/10 by Joe
4/10 The Awakening Posted 09/10/10 by Tor
6/10 Shaolin vs. Evil Dead

I love movies with Shaolin in the title. I love movies with "Evil Dead" in the title. I love movies where one thing is versus another thing.

Posted 09/10/10 by John Shelton
7/10 Machete Posted 09/04/10 by Jon
7/10 Girly Posted 09/03/10 by Tor

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