2/10 Paranormal Entity Posted 08/25/10 by Casey
5/10 Sea of Dust

No matter how much I want to love a movie that ends with an ecstatic Tom Savini nailed to a cross, after 90 minutes of boredom and confusion I just wanted it to be over and done with.

Posted 08/24/10 by John Shelton
7/10 Piranha 3D

Aja makes his case for a world after "gorno" with the sheer over-the-top-itude of "Piranha 3D"

Posted 08/21/10 by Jon
8/10 Mother (Madeo) Posted 08/20/10 by Tor
8/10 The Lost Skeleton Returns Again Posted 08/18/10 by Casey
7/10 Meat Grinder

“Meat Grinder” might just be the most densely plotted, stylistically complex, melodramatic torture porn ever made.

Posted 08/17/10 by John Shelton
3/10 Vampires Suck

"I don't have any intentions to watch the "Twilight" films any time soon, either, so there is a chance that some of the humor here is completely lost on me."

Posted 08/12/10 by Casey
7/10 The Horseman

The bulk of this movie has a good bit of nastiness to it, delivered with well-motivated, animalistic energy...

Posted 08/11/10 by Tor
6/10 House (Hausu)

There’s a reason “Hausu” feels like it was made by a child on the combined influence of mescaline and Pixy Stix: it was.

Posted 08/10/10 by John Shelton
8/10 The Host (Gwoemul)

Rather than being a one-note film, Bong Joon-ho has crafted a horror experience that can be all things to all viewers.

Posted 08/09/10 by mark
5/10 Under the Salt (Bajo la Sal)

It is real life horror and it is as profoundly annihilating as the world gets outside of an identified “war zone”.

Posted 08/07/10 by Tor
7/10 The Girl Who Knew Too Much

“The Girl Who Knew Too Much” is both enormously entertaining and historically significant.

Posted 08/05/10 by John Shelton
4/10 The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (2005)

The problem with this superfluous remake is that there is literally nothing new or original on display

Posted 08/03/10 by John Shelton
2/10 Razortooth

"B-films based around monsters tend to live or die based on the allure of their chosen abomination, and in that way, "Razortooth" deserves a powerful sigh of indifference."

Posted 08/02/10 by mark
10/10 The Vanishing (Spoorloos)

From that simple synopsis you might never suspect that “The Vanishing” may be the most horrifying film of the 1980’

Posted 08/02/10 by Tor
6/10 Brutal Massacre: A Comedy Posted 07/28/10 by Casey
7/10 Twilight: New Moon (Rifftrax version)

There are a couple of tricks to making Twilight movies not merely tolerable, but downright enjoyable.

Posted 07/27/10 by John Shelton
7/10 Love Object

It would pair up nicely as the gender-swapped back half of a double feature with Lucky Mckee’s “May”

Posted 07/26/10 by John Shelton
8/10 Werckmeister Harmonies

Philosophically I am sure a good deal of this film flew right over my head.

Posted 07/23/10 by Tor
7/10 Common Wealth (La Comunidad)

If you’re a fan of Hitchcock, pitch black comedy and nasty people doing nasty things to each other, “Common Wealth” will probably be right up your dark alley.

Posted 07/19/10 by John Shelton
7/10 Genesis

Henry Darger was a quiet recluse who wandered the streets collecting scraps of paper....

Posted 07/19/10 by Tor
5/10 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams

The film's funniest and most entertaining moments spring from the over-the-top kill scenes that are often too short for my tastes.

Posted 07/15/10 by mark
2/10 Cornered!

That, dear readers, is how you irritate my inner Mahoney.

Posted 07/13/10 by Todd
7/10 Alone in the Dark (1982)

Packed with quotable lines, memorable scenes and great performances, “Alone in the Dark” is a VHS gem that deserves a higher profile.

Posted 07/12/10 by John Shelton
5/10 Aftermath

Unless you have a need to indulge your necro-agraphobia (fear of sexual abuse after death) you are better off spending 104 minutes watching Jorg’s “Nekromantik 2”

Posted 07/09/10 by Tor
1/10 Cameron's Closet

This dodgy motion picture is one of the major reasons I was terrified of dark closets in my youth, a wholly irrational fear that lingers to this day.

Posted 07/06/10 by Todd
3/10 Riverworld

If “Lake Placid 2” is as absurdly good as Syfy productions get, this is as straight-faced bad as the channel has to offer.

Posted 07/02/10 by Tor
7/10 Fido

I don't know whether "Fido" will end up becoming a cult favorite in time, but I certainly hope that it does.

Posted 07/01/10 by mark
9/10 Haze

When I want to accurately express my own personal definition of horror, I show them "Haze"

Posted 06/29/10 by Todd
3/10 The Legend of Boggy Creek

The sighting of a blondie gigantopithecus and a vow from renowned Sasquatologist Billy Willard that he will gather empirical data from the wilds of Spotsylvania County have once again given cryptozoologists far and wide the iron pyrite glimmer of legitimacy.

Posted 06/25/10 by Tor

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