4/10 Otto: or, Up with Dead People

"Meandering around through the countryside, dressed in an emo-fabulous hoodie and jeans, eating roadkill and stumbling around, Otto has a lot of time to be existential."

Posted 05/13/09 by Chrissie
8/10 The Great Yokai War

"Beneath its warm and fuzzy family-friendly exterior beats the heart of a hard-hearted horror/fantasy picture helmed by a director who continues to amaze us with his ability to grow and evolve."

Posted 05/12/09 by Todd
6/10 Amityville II: The Possession

"Bad acting, bad writing, bad directing, bad effects – what else could you possible put in this movie to push it over the edge into pure absurdity? There’s always incest. Yeah, they went there."

Posted 05/11/09 by John Shelton
5/10 Dead Meat

"After watching no-budget horror films for review purposes over the last month I have come to a few inescapable conclusions...."

Posted 05/08/09 by Tor
6/10 The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi

"To be honest, you're left wondering what she's going to wear next, which helps to increase the feeling that this movie is nothing more than a glorified headshot for Kingsley"

Posted 05/07/09 by Casey
6/10 Shiver

"Shiver could be a sharp little monster film if it would commit to one idea, but ultimately it flounders, remaining uncommitted to anything."

Posted 05/06/09 by Chrissie
10/10 Sauna

"Anti-Jussi Annila's savagely beautiful "Sauna" is easily one of the best horror films I've seen thus far this year, driving a nasty, surrealistic stake into the cinematic hearts of both Dead Snow and Martyrs."

Posted 05/05/09 by Todd
7/10 Encounters of the Spooky Kind

"The Chinese Hopping Vampire has to be one of the weirdest monsters ever to terrorize the screen that didn’t spring from Lloyd Kaufman’s imagination."

Posted 05/04/09 by John Shelton
4/10 The Bloody Ape

"If you have no frame of reference for what 'The Bloody Ape' is paying homage to then it is to be avoided like dysentery."

Posted 05/01/09 by Tor
4/10 The Broken

"A movie filled with potential yet leaving you hungry for more, 'The Broken' is a classic case of falling short of the mark."

Posted 04/30/09 by Casey
8/10 Sheitan

"While it fails miserably at giving any straight answers, you'll still enjoy the jaunt through Chapiron's bizarre piece of French countryside."

Posted 04/29/09 by Chrissie
8/10 Oneechanbara: The Movie

"Yohei Fukuda’s 2008 bikini cowgirl epic “Oneechanbara”... straddles that splintery wooden fence between mindlessly entertaining camp and brain-clogging video game-inspired vomitus."

Posted 04/28/09 by Todd
9/10 Death Line (Raw Meat)

"Sometimes it feels like the days of discovering a new cult film are gone. With the internet and the DVD revolution a movie can go from obscurity to widespread discussion to fanboy backlash before it’s even had a proper release..."

Posted 04/27/09 by John Shelton
5/10 Thicker Than Water: The Vampire Diaries Part 1

"I have a lot of appreciation for the effort; this makes it all the more frustrating that I cannot put aside the film’s problems and appreciate it for what is working."

Posted 04/24/09 by Tor
5/10 Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations

" quickly begins to feel like watching badly edited home videos belonging to a coworker."

Posted 04/24/09 by Casey
7/10 Eden Lake

"The uneasy feeling of wanting to see a group of noxious, tech-savvy teenagers who always seem to be one step ahead of their prey, get beat to death with tree limbs or some other nearby object, should make any audience member feel unsettled."

Posted 04/23/09 by Chrissie
4/10 Slaughter

"It's unfortunate because of what could have been, but "Slaughter" falls straight to the bottom of barrel when it comes to the After Dark Film Fest titles this year."

Posted 04/23/09 by Casey
6/10 Laid To Rest

"New from Anchor Bay, [Rob Hall's] second directorial effort "Laid To Rest" gives you the chance to see what [he's] is capable of bringing when his work is done behind the camera."

Posted 04/22/09 by Eric
6/10 Gong tau: An Oriental Black Magic

"...a cavalcade of grotesque imagery and illogical nonsense. And by illogical, I mean vampiric disembodied heads complete with spinal cords and internal organs casting spells and sucking blood."

Posted 04/21/09 by Todd
7/10 Fermat's Room

"It might seem contradictory to recommend a movie about mathematicians solving problems as something to enjoy with your brain switched off, but that's exactly what 'Fermat's Room' is."

Posted 04/20/09 by John Shelton
7/10 Tokyo Zombie

"Sakichi Sato gets a lot of credit for knowing that even when your movie features a sewage cannon, pedophilia jokes, and castration by rotten teeth you still need a character you can stand to watch over the long haul."

Posted 04/17/09 by Tor
6/10 Vinyan

"While Vinyan is a beautifully shot film, it will most likely not please genre fans. It is more a horror film for art house snobs or members of Amnesty International..."

Posted 04/16/09 by Chrissie
8/10 The Chaser

"Think 'The Wire' meets 'Silence of the Lambs' and you've got a good idea of where 'The Chaser' comes from."

Posted 04/15/09 by John Shelton
9/10 Cactus

"Atmosphere and striking visuals, an abundance of sly wit, several jolting surprises, and a handful of well-executed performances should keep most viewers satisfied."

Posted 04/14/09 by Todd
9/10 Splinter

"Splinter succeeds where so many similar, low-budget films fail, by squeezing incredible tension out of small, potentially insignificant setups and a very limited cast."

Posted 04/13/09 by Eric
7/10 From Within

"From Within" is a moody, slow burner that has some good intrigue and a decent plot.

Posted 04/13/09 by Casey
5/10 Dying Breed

"Dying Breed had a decent setup for a double dose of carnage but fails to dig far enough into either aspect."

Posted 04/12/09 by Casey
9/10 The Lost

"Ultimately Ray Pye is an empty childish monster playing at life. His victims are troubled, wayward, and fledgling; lost but endeavoring to find a life beyond their pain."

Posted 04/10/09 by Tor
5/10 Grace

"Solet intends for Grace to be a pro-woman film. I don't think he would dedicate it to his mother if he didn't think this were true..."

Posted 04/09/09 by Chrissie
7/10 Autopsy

"Autopsy wastes no time in getting strange, which is more than a bit refreshing."

Posted 04/09/09 by Casey

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