5/10 Manhunt (Rovdyr)

Todd checks out this Norwegian slasher, and is a little mixed on the experience.

Posted 03/03/09 by Todd
5/10 The Last House in the Woods

Whether it was the intention or not, Shelton loves this modern day Italian sleaze-fest for all the wrong reasons.

Posted 03/02/09 by John Shelton
5/10 The Horrors of Malformed Men

Tor takes a trip knee-deep into Japan's exploitation heyday.

Posted 02/27/09 by Tor
4/10 Screamers: The Hunting

Even as a fan of the original, Casey's left scratching his head on this one.

Posted 02/26/09 by Casey
7/10 The Last House on the Left

I give the original "Last House" a long overdue second look, and am pleased with what I find.

Posted 02/25/09 by Eric
9/10 Tokyo Gore Police

New writer Todd's first review on the site is a doozy, in just about every way imaginable.

Posted 02/24/09 by Todd
7/10 King of the Hill

Shelton tells us about the recent Spanish release "El Rey de la Montaña"

Posted 02/23/09 by John Shelton
3/10 Feast III: The Happy Finish

Casey feels jipped. This is no happy finish.

Posted 02/19/09 by Casey
6/10 Red Mist

My only issue with Anchor Bay's "Red Mist", besides the title, is that it's going to trick me into watching more direct to DVD movies.

Posted 02/18/09 by Eric
7/10 Raggedy Man Posted 02/17/09 by Tor
5/10 Friday the 13th

Jon doesn't know if everyone's going to be happy about it, but it's official: Jason's back.

Posted 02/14/09 by Jon
8/10 Outlander

Casey takes a trip with the Vikings, and finds out that he fits right in!

Posted 02/11/09 by Casey
6/10 My Name is Bruce

Bruce Campbell's latest directorial effort is flawed but fun, and more meta than you can handle.

Posted 02/07/09 by Eric
6/10 The Uninvited

It may be a day late and a dollar short, but "The Uninvited" gave me more than I was expecting.

Posted 01/31/09 by Eric
7/10 Pieces

Mark goes beyond our recent podcast discussion and tries to put his love for "Pieces" into text form.

Posted 01/29/09 by mark
6/10 Donkey Punch

" a seaborne thriller, shot with seven actors, in one location, with virtually nothing in the way of effects "Donkey Punch" packs a high level of both tension and lurid enjoyment."

Posted 01/24/09 by Jon
5/10 My Bloody Valentine 3D

Schnaars won't be sending this film a valentine, but finds it in his heart to dig on some of the 3D action.

Posted 01/17/09 by Jon
9/10 Let The Right One In

Shelton's here with the official BGH review of this amazing vampire film, recently snubbed for an Oscar nomination.

Posted 01/14/09 by John Shelton
1/10 The Unborn

Jon wishes "The Unborn" could be unwatched.

Posted 01/10/09 by Jon
5/10 Gimme Skelter

Tor checks out this low budget slasher with a Manson Family twist, just in time for Christmas (?)

Posted 12/24/08 by Tor
7/10 Punisher: War Zone

Casey says the Naysayers be damned, he liked this third attempt at starting a franchise.

Posted 12/09/08 by Casey
6/10 Gutterballs

Despite a few overly offensive aspects, Casey seems to have enjoyed this low budget 80's throwback.

Posted 12/02/08 by Casey
4/10 Return to Sleepaway Camp

Casey says this movie is bad but enjoyable. You can make your own judgements based on his review.

Posted 11/25/08 by Casey
4/10 Repo! The Genetic Opera

Jon doesn't really like Darren Lynn Bousman's film, but the good news is nobody gets called any names.

Posted 11/13/08 by Jon
5/10 The Alphabet Killer

Mark takes in an early screening of Rob Schmidt's "Alphabet Killer", now on DVD. It's certainly worth a look for Eliza Dushku fans...

Posted 11/07/08 by mark
4/10 The Zombie Diaries

Casey checks out the Zombie diaries, and the experience leaves him wanting more.

Posted 11/05/08 by Casey
5/10 Saw V

My viewing of Saw V leaves me with more than one confession to make...

Posted 10/25/08 by Eric
4/10 Max Payne

After seeing Max Payne, Casey refuses to say hello to his mother for Mark Wahlberg. Okay, last time we'll make that joke. Promise!

Posted 10/23/08 by Casey
7/10 Bonnie and Clyde vs Dracula

My hunch was right, this is one fantastic little indie film.

Posted 10/23/08 by Eric
7/10 Quarantine

Hating on remakes is important, but Schnaars actually recommends this one. Bummer.

Posted 10/11/08 by Jon

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