7/10 Hostel: Part III Posted 07/05/12 by Charlie
3/10 Don't Go In The Woods Posted 06/29/12 by MikeSnoo
3/10 The Dead Want Women Posted 06/21/12 by Brett
6/10 Pretty Dead Posted 06/20/12 by MikeSnoo
10/10 Possession

This whacked-out Euro romp may not be for everyone

Posted 06/15/12 by Brett
7/10 Prometheus

Beware the space madness, it's time for "Prometheus."

Posted 06/11/12 by Jon
5/10 La Casa Muda (The Silent House) Posted 06/06/12 by Brett
5/10 Snow White and the Huntsman

It's okay to say "Fuck the source material".

Posted 06/04/12 by Andy
3/10 Piranha 3DD

This is definitely a movie.

Posted 06/04/12 by Jon
4/10 Atrocious Posted 06/01/12 by Charlie
5/10 Chernobyl Diaries

Jon dons his hazmat suit and digs into "Chernobyl Diaries"

Posted 05/27/12 by Jon
9/10 Exhumed

"Exhumed" highlights the importance of the independent film movement for horror fans.

Posted 05/18/12 by MikeSnoo
6/10 Outcast Posted 05/17/12 by Charlie
7/10 Targets

“Targets” was a turning point in the grand history of horror movies, neatly dividing the creaky fright flicks of Karloff’s heyday from the more realistic direction the films would take in the 1970s and beyond.

Posted 05/09/12 by John Shelton
3/10 Lockout Posted 05/09/12 by Charlie
7/10 It's In The Blood Posted 05/08/12 by MikeSnoo
6/10 Mimic 3 Film Blu-Ray Set Posted 05/07/12 by Andy
6/10 Creature Posted 05/01/12 by Joe
3/10 The Raven

Did Cusak know what the hell he was getting into here?

Posted 04/30/12 by Jon
8/10 Dead Weight

A unique Indie-Horror voice on the power of apocalypse and transition. And there is a killer "Predator" quote in there too!

Posted 04/17/12 by Andy
9/10 The Cabin in the Woods

**slow clap**

Posted 04/12/12 by Eric
1/10 The Wicker Tree

You'll be wanting Nic Cage to dump a bunch of bees on you after this one.

Posted 04/10/12 by Andy
6/10 The Divide

Xavier Gens brings you the feel-good movie of the Apocalypse. Newbies need not apply.

Posted 04/05/12 by Andy
3/10 The Terror Experiment

Did you order the combination platter of zombie / virus / terrorism / 9-11 conspiracy theory? No? I didn't think so...

Posted 03/27/12 by Andy
8/10 Balada triste de trompeta (The Last Circus)

Álex de la Iglesia’s insane crazed clown romp is the feel good movie of the season for Juggalos.

Posted 03/20/12 by Andy
4/10 Donner Pass

If you feel like you've seen this film before, it's because you have...

Posted 03/09/12 by Eric
7/10 Skew

A horror story about the unintentional results of the "Information Age."

Posted 03/05/12 by Andy
7/10 Silent House (2012)

The home invasion thriller gets a gimmicky make-over with terrifying results.

Posted 02/27/12 by Jon
4/10 My Name is A by Anonymous

Wade through depression and masochism to... well, they never quite get that far.

Posted 02/20/12 by Andy
4/10 The Mortician Posted 02/14/12 by Joe

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