3/10 Hypothermia Posted 10/19/12 by Brett
2/10 White: the Melody of the Curse Posted 10/17/12 by Joe R
5/10 Compliance

"Compliance" is a film that could have addressed some profound questions. Instead it ends up feeling like a constricted exploitation film for the art-house crowd.

Posted 10/16/12 by Andy
7/10 Blind Beast Posted 10/12/12 by Brett
5/10 Some Guy Who Kills People

Some movie that doesn't try very hard.

Posted 10/11/12 by John Shelton
5/10 Some Guy Who Kills People

Some movie that doesn't try very hard.

Posted 10/11/12 by John Shelton
8/10 Sinister

The right amount of thrills and chills for the Halloween season.

Posted 10/10/12 by Eric
7/10 Bedevilled

A South Korean rape-revenge tale that thinks through some generic patterns and pulls through punches

Posted 10/05/12 by Andy
6/10 Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 Posted 10/04/12 by Brett
5/10 The Tall Man

What exactly are we doing here, Mr. Laugier...

Posted 10/01/12 by Eric
8/10 Looper Posted 09/30/12 by Charlie
8/10 Killer Joe

William Friedkin's latest jaunt into salacious, greasy, brutal ickiness in which McConaughey gets to relive his TCM days.

Posted 09/27/12 by Andy
7/10 The Corridor

HOW did I not know about this when it came out??

Posted 09/26/12 by Eric
7/10 Dredd Posted 09/25/12 by Charlie
3/10 Hollow

Great setting, but the actual movie?

Posted 09/25/12 by Charlie
6/10 V/H/S

A fun, at times inventive anthology film that doesn't quite live up to the hype.

Posted 09/24/12 by Eric
3/10 The House at the End of the Street

With Jennifer Lawrence involved, maybe #HATES is too strong a word?

Posted 09/23/12 by Jon
5/10 Beyond the Black Rainbow

A nostalgic, beautifully crafted story about nothing much...

Posted 09/20/12 by Eric
4/10 Grave Encounters

A mish-mash of better films with nothing new to say, except scream at you, LOUDLY.

Posted 09/17/12 by Eric
6/10 Resident Evil: Retribution

I can't believe this is a thing that exists in reality...

Posted 09/17/12 by Eric
7/10 Kuroneko (Black Cat)

A neat, if slightly dated horror/samurai film.

Posted 09/15/12 by Brett
6/10 The Possession

A very solid entry into a subgenre that needs to go away for a while.

Posted 09/13/12 by Eric
7/10 God Bless America Posted 09/11/12 by MikeSnoo
6/10 REC3: Genesis

Paco Plaza's latest entry in the [REC] series goes after WE's "Bridezillas" with a chainsaw

Posted 09/04/12 by Andy
3/10 ATM Posted 08/08/12 by Charlie
6/10 The Shrine Posted 08/06/12 by MikeSnoo
9/10 The Loved Ones

It's not the hundreds of deadly fauna you got to worry about in this Aussie genre exercise.

Posted 07/24/12 by Andy
5/10 Inkubus Posted 07/23/12 by MikeSnoo
5/10 The Terror Within

...A cheaper, raunchier, subtext lacking "Alien" ripoff

Posted 07/18/12 by Charlie
5/10 Red Lights

"Red Lights" boasts a star-studded cast and a director on-the-rise, psyched?

Posted 07/16/12 by Jon

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