7/10 Citadel Posted 05/06/13 by MikeSnoo
7/10 The Bloody Judge

The Bloody Judge may be Jess Franco’s most overt attempt at political satire... not without a smattering of boobs and blood of course.

Posted 05/02/13 by Andy
8/10 Resolution Posted 05/01/13 by eslead
6/10 Eddie: The Sleepwalking Cannibal Posted 04/29/13 by eslead
3/10 The Lords of Salem

Rob Zombie swings... and misses.

Posted 04/25/13 by Joe R
6/10 Come Out And Play

It's like "Children of the Corn..." but at the beach.

Posted 04/22/13 by Joe R
5/10 Kiss of the Damned Posted 04/18/13 by eslead
9/10 CHEAP THRILLS Posted 04/16/13 by MikeSnoo
4/10 Room 237

A look at how far obsession with a film can go.

Posted 04/08/13 by Joe R
8/10 Evil Dead

The first honest to goodness theatrical horror film of 2013...

Posted 04/04/13 by Eric
3/10 6Souls Posted 04/01/13 by Joe R
8/10 Maniac (remake) Posted 03/29/13 by Brett
6/10 Doomsday Book

A South Korean anthology that boils over with wackiness, satire, and a few half-baked ideas.

Posted 03/28/13 by Andy
7/10 Would You Rather Posted 03/26/13 by Joe R
6/10 The Awakening Posted 03/18/13 by Brett
2/10 Hell Hole Posted 03/13/13 by MikeSnoo
7/10 The Awakening Posted 03/11/13 by Joe R
2/10 Deadline Posted 03/04/13 by Joe R
8/10 Shock Corridor

Racism, the Cold War, and Nymphos!

Posted 02/26/13 by Andy
6/10 Dark Skies

Have you always wanted your haunted house movies with more aliens?

Posted 02/25/13 by Jon
7/10 Penumbra Posted 02/22/13 by Joe R
7/10 JUG FACE Posted 02/18/13 by MikeSnoo
1/10 Laddaland

"Laddaland" is kind of like "The Shining," only much, much worse.

Posted 02/13/13 by Brett
1/10 Megan Is Missing Posted 02/13/13 by Joe R
2/10 Smiley Posted 02/06/13 by Charlie
1/10 Ground Zero Posted 02/04/13 by Joe R
5/10 Overtime Review Posted 01/28/13 by Joe R
2/10 R-Point (aka The Ghosts of War, Arpointeu)

The worst military vs. ghost film ever made?

Posted 01/24/13 by Brett
5/10 Mama

A decently atmospheric if only it could figure out what it's really about.

Posted 01/21/13 by Andy

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