9/10 Rosemary's Baby Posted 08/30/13 by eslead
7/10 Sound of My Voice

Will this film about a cult become a cult film?

Posted 08/28/13 by John Shelton
8/10 You're Next Posted 08/27/13 by Charlie
8/10 The Haunting Posted 08/16/13 by Brett
6/10 The Factory Posted 08/07/13 by eslead
6/10 Viy Posted 08/02/13 by Brett
3/10 Beneath (2013) Posted 07/31/13 by eslead
8/10 Equinox

A mostly forgotten chapter in indie horror history.

Posted 07/30/13 by John Shelton
7/10 Crawlspace

Imagine "Aliens" directed by William Castle

Posted 07/24/13 by Joe R
7/10 The Collection Posted 07/23/13 by MikeSnoo
8/10 Black Mirror (Series One)

Mirror, mirror on the wall, show me where them bombs will fall.

Posted 07/16/13 by John Shelton
8/10 Pacific Rim

Robots punching monsters...

Posted 07/15/13 by mark
5/10 Diabel (The Devil) Posted 07/12/13 by Brett
3/10 The Haunting of Helena

She's coming for your teeth!

Posted 07/11/13 by Joe R
5/10 Twixt Posted 06/26/13 by eslead
5/10 Orphan Killer

Who needs a plot? We've got a masked killer and a hot chick!

Posted 06/25/13 by Joe R
4/10 Sadako 3d (Ringu 5) Posted 06/19/13 by Brett
2/10 Last Kind Words Posted 06/19/13 by Brett
5/10 Stitches Posted 06/19/13 by eslead
6/10 The Purge

Attack of the preppies!

Posted 06/17/13 by Joe R
7/10 Berberian Sound Studio

Toby Jones stars in this meta giallo-mold for the prestige horror crowd.

Posted 06/10/13 by Andy
8/10 V/H/S/2 Posted 06/07/13 by Charlie
7/10 Chained

How to become a serial killer.

Posted 06/03/13 by Joe R
2/10 Aftershock Posted 05/30/13 by eslead
1/10 The Wicked

Lesson learned: never throw a rock at a witch's house.

Posted 05/20/13 by Joe R
6/10 Cold Prey II (Fritt vilt II) Posted 05/10/13 by Brett
3/10 Thale

About two guys and a naked woman... with a tale.

Posted 05/07/13 by Joe R
7/10 Citadel Posted 05/06/13 by MikeSnoo
7/10 The Bloody Judge

The Bloody Judge may be Jess Franco’s most overt attempt at political satire... not without a smattering of boobs and blood of course.

Posted 05/02/13 by Andy
8/10 Resolution Posted 05/01/13 by eslead

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