2/10 Diary of the Dead

As George Romero preps to shoot "Diary of the Dead 2", Schnaars tells us all why the first one was an epic fail, and why he compares the film to a "crotchety old man's editorial to the local newspaper."

Posted 02/17/08 by Jon
8/10 Taxidermia

"Somewhere beneath the puke and entrails and armpit hair there's a kind of grotesque beauty to be found."

Posted 02/14/08 by John Shelton
5/10 The Eye

Jessica Alba is actually good... but the film? That's another story

Posted 02/02/08 by Eric
3/10 Untraceable Posted 01/27/08 by Jon
10/10 Cloverfield

As we enter 2009, let's revisit the first, and in my opinion best, release of 2008.

Posted 01/19/08 by Eric
10/10 Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Schnaars gets all wiggly giggly on this blood-soaked musical, and is audacious enough to call it one of the best horror releases of last year.

Posted 12/27/07 by Jon
5/10 I Am Legend

Schnaars and I agree for once...

Posted 12/17/07 by Jon
7/10 Santa's Slay Posted 12/12/07 by Eric
8/10 The Girl Next Door Posted 12/10/07 by Casey
6/10 It Waits Posted 12/05/07 by Casey
8/10 The Last Horror Movie Posted 12/03/07 by Casey
3/10 Cutting Class Posted 11/28/07 by Casey
7/10 The Mist Posted 11/26/07 by Eric
5/10 Hitman Posted 11/22/07 by Eric
5/10 The Woods Posted 11/09/07 by Casey
4/10 Frogs Posted 11/05/07 by Casey
3/10 Saw IV

Schnaars takes a mega-dump on the lead-in to Sunday's highly anticipated podcast revolving around Saw V. How could you not be excited after reading this?

Posted 10/28/07 by Jon
9/10 30 Days of Night Posted 10/21/07 by Eric
5/10 Wrong Turn 2 Posted 10/11/07 by Jon
8/10 Just Before Dawn

Before the crew potentially gets into it about "Drag me to Hell," read Eric's review of one of our podcast favorites, "Just Before Dawn."

Posted 09/26/07 by Eric
7/10 Resident Evil: Extinction Posted 09/21/07 by Eric
8/10 Hatchet Posted 09/10/07 by Jon
6/10 Halloween Posted 09/03/07 by Eric
7/10 Invasion Posted 08/17/07 by Eric
8/10 Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows

Am I the only one who really likes this movie? Then so be it.

Posted 08/16/07 by Eric
5/10 Lady in the Water Posted 08/08/07 by Eric
7/10 Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon Posted 08/03/07 by Eric
6/10 Hostel 2 Posted 07/29/07 by Eric
3/10 Zombie 3

Step aside Troll 2... this is by far the worst movie ever made.

Posted 07/29/07 by Eric
7/10 The Serpent and the Rainbow Posted 07/29/07 by Eric

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