3/10 Untraceable Posted 01/27/08 by Jon
10/10 Cloverfield

As we enter 2009, let's revisit the first, and in my opinion best, release of 2008.

Posted 01/19/08 by Eric
10/10 Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Schnaars gets all wiggly giggly on this blood-soaked musical, and is audacious enough to call it one of the best horror releases of last year.

Posted 12/27/07 by Jon
5/10 I Am Legend

Schnaars and I agree for once...

Posted 12/17/07 by Jon
7/10 Santa's Slay Posted 12/12/07 by Eric
8/10 The Girl Next Door Posted 12/10/07 by Casey
6/10 It Waits Posted 12/05/07 by Casey
8/10 The Last Horror Movie Posted 12/03/07 by Casey
3/10 Cutting Class Posted 11/28/07 by Casey
7/10 The Mist Posted 11/26/07 by Eric
5/10 Hitman Posted 11/22/07 by Eric
5/10 The Woods Posted 11/09/07 by Casey
4/10 Frogs Posted 11/05/07 by Casey
3/10 Saw IV

Schnaars takes a mega-dump on the lead-in to Sunday's highly anticipated podcast revolving around Saw V. How could you not be excited after reading this?

Posted 10/28/07 by Jon
9/10 30 Days of Night Posted 10/21/07 by Eric
5/10 Wrong Turn 2 Posted 10/11/07 by Jon
8/10 Just Before Dawn

Before the crew potentially gets into it about "Drag me to Hell," read Eric's review of one of our podcast favorites, "Just Before Dawn."

Posted 09/26/07 by Eric
7/10 Resident Evil: Extinction Posted 09/21/07 by Eric
8/10 Hatchet Posted 09/10/07 by Jon
6/10 Halloween Posted 09/03/07 by Eric
7/10 Invasion Posted 08/17/07 by Eric
8/10 Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows

Am I the only one who really likes this movie? Then so be it.

Posted 08/16/07 by Eric
5/10 Lady in the Water Posted 08/08/07 by Eric
7/10 Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon Posted 08/03/07 by Eric
3/10 Zombie 3

Step aside Troll 2... this is by far the worst movie ever made.

Posted 07/29/07 by Eric
9/10 The Descent Posted 07/29/07 by Eric
6/10 Hostel 2 Posted 07/29/07 by Eric
7/10 The Serpent and the Rainbow Posted 07/29/07 by Eric
7/10 The Toolbox Murders Posted 07/29/07 by Eric
9/10 Cannibal Holocaust Posted 07/29/07 by Eric

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