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The Best Horror Movies of 2012: Mark's Take


More Twitter jokes than you can shake a stick at? It must be BGH webmaster Mark, with his picks of 2012.

The Best

1. The Cabin in the Woods - You could make an argument that "The Cabin in the Woods" is the most pandering horror film of the past 20 years, and I wouldn't argue with you. However, as it turns out, I'll take a brilliantly written, lovingly executed pander-fest over pretty much anything.

Best Horror Movies of 2012: Andy's Take

Bringing the eclectic thunder, Andy offers a slightly more worldly top 10 .

The Best

10. REC 3: Genesis - Every year needs a decent maniac, crazed, blood-soaked zombie flick. This is the one. Extra points for some genuinely tender moments with a relationship that didn't need to be as convincing as what it is. is it dusty in here?

Best Horror Movies of 2012: Carly's Take

Silent House

Carly drops by to make her case for the best -- and most atrocious -- of 2012.

The Best

10. Silent House - The continuous shot cinematography and solid acting all-around from our main characters made this film an entertaining ride, although the "twist" ending was nothing new.

Best Horror Movies of 2012: Charlie's Take

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

The best of 2012 train barrels ahead today, with Charlie at the helm.

The Best

10. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Adding a vampiric element to history class would sure have kept me more engaged during grade school.

9. Silent Night
Surpassing its predecessors in every way; "Silent Night" is vicious, unforgiving, gory and tons of fun.

8. Sinister

Best Horror Movies of 2012: Brett's Take

Two-Headed Shark Attack

Bloody Good Horror kicks off it's best of 2012 countdown with this entry from reviewer Brett.

The Best

10. The Woman in Black
I can't really think of a better location for horror movie. Another movie with outstanding visuals and good atmosphere.

9. Two-Headed Shark Attack
My favorite “so bad it’s good” movie of 2012.

8. The Innkeepers

Bloody Good Horror Picks the Best Horror Films of 2011

Troll Hunter

The votes have been tallied and the collective voice of Bloody Good Horror is ready to rule on the films that defined quality in 2011. We've been counting down each of our personal choices of the best and worst of the year for the last two weeks, and now we're ready to unleash the combined wisdom and love of horror on the world.

Best Horror Movies of 2011: Jon's Take

Attack the Block

Jon drops in with the final staff "best of" list. Tomorrow, the list to end all lists -- for 2011, anyway!

The Best

10. Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil
Easily the funniest horror comedy in years, "Tucker & Dale" succeeded by deconstructing the hilly-billy sub-genre as adeptly as humanly possible.

9. We Need to Talk About Kevin

Best Horror Movies of 2011: John's Take

I Saw the Devil

John Shelton takes us into the homestretch of the BGH 2011 countdown with a look at his favorites of the year.

The Best

1. Attack the Block - Take "The Monster Squad," remake it in the style of early John Carpenter and set it in an inner city London plagued by terrifying muppet monsters and you get the most fun and exhilarating horror movie in years.

Best Horror Movies of 2011: Tor's Take


Tor's top films of 2011 come with an eclectic, international flavor.

The Best

Best Horror Movies of 2011: Erin's Take

Hobo With a Shotgun

The highlight train keeps chugging, with Erin's list for the best films of 2011: both horror and not.

The Best Horror

Chillerama - This was awesome. Most people my age missed the golden age of Drive Thru Horror Shlock, and this was the highlight of the year for B-movie fans.

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