Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Best Horror Movies of 2012: Charlie's Take

The best of 2012 train barrels ahead today, with Charlie at the helm.

The Best

10. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Adding a vampiric element to history class would sure have kept me more engaged during grade school.

9. Silent Night
Surpassing its predecessors in every way; "Silent Night" is vicious, unforgiving, gory and tons of fun.

8. Sinister
Bughuul is the Honey Badger of demonic spirits: he don't care and he's taking your kids.

7. The Grey
Not exactly the 'Wolf Fights' premise trailers lead us to believe. Nonetheless "The Grey" is a powerful emotional journey into the wilderness where life is so easily lost.

6. The Bay
If you thought "Jaws" made water scary "The Bay" takes it to a whole different level. Mexico no longer the only place to 'not drink the water'.

5. REC 3: Genesis
The trilogy's conclusion is awash in blood and gore but strung together with a love story and of course...Sponge John.

4. Dredd
Dredd is back in a bad way. Kicking untold amounts of ass and bringing the criminal underworld to its knees...This time without Rob Schneider.

3. Prometheus
As vilified as it is lauded; "Prometheus" is a film with big questions, ideas and designs. Even without the answers it's a beautiful piece of cinema that should satisfy on multiple levels.

2. ParaNorman
Just barely missing the top spot "ParaNorman" is astoundingly animated, well written and performed, and timely with a strong message adults and children should heed.

1. Cabin in the Woods
As if there was any doubt. "Cabin in the Woods" railroaded every genre convention existing whilst giving a brilliant commentary on the bloodlust of society. Performances from Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford will be favorites of an entire generation of horror fans.

The Worst

3. Bait
Sharks in a supermarket. No seriously, sharks in a supermarket. Sounds fun, watches boring.

2. The Chernobyl Diaries
A failure of a good idea. Unlikable characters and a paper thin narrative kill this movie before it begins. If only the rampaging bear could've caught them first.

1. The Devil Inside
The prosecution's main evidence in damning and disregarding found footage horror films. A terrible and unfinished product is foisted onto the public in a shameful and disrespectful manner.

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