At one point I was collecting comic books fairly heavily, but as my favorite titles began to get cancelled one after another, I began to lose interest, and when my absolute favorite, The Dreaming (a Sandman spinoff series) was cancelled, that was the final nail in the coffin, and I stopped reading them altogether.  When I found out last year that a new Sandman related series, Dead Boy Detectives, would be coming out I decided to head to my local comics shop and check out a few titles. With this series unfortunately ending after twelve issues it's been a quick reminder of what I both love and hate about this particular medium.  I was lucky enough to get the chance to catch up with authorToby Litt to chat about the series and his experience writing it.  

Your favorite gravel voiced and bald headed hearth throb Vin Diesel has made a few nerds happy by announcing that he and David Twohy are re-teaming for a third "Riddick" film.

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, writers of smash hit "Zombieland" are feeling rather cocky of late. In the same interview we posted earlier in the week, the two authors talk about their dreams of turning the film's universe into a TV show. Sure, it seems far fetched but you can put money on the bet that I'd probably watch it faithfully!

Top Cow comics has put up a trailer for its upcoming motion comics for "The Crazies". It's Friday, you know you'd rather read comics than work anyways.

Good news for you romantic types, there's yet another tween supernatural romance in the works pitting a teenage girl's hormones and a twinkie monster. Sparkling vampires were bad enough, how abouta teenage girl in love with a boy that turns into a wolf every winter? We're one step closer to 'Furry: The Movie' folks.

Lucky McKee and Angela Bettis are prepping for another team up, this time on the sequel to the "The Offspring", "Offspring: The Woman".