In the modern era of remakes, Japense horror movies for American audiences are extremely commonplace while there is little talk about the opposite. Here is a list of American films and monsters being re-contextualized for a Japanese audience. 

Mortal Kombat has been around since 1992, and since the first day it hit the arcade people have been outraged. A cursory search on YouTube will discover a trove of articles proclaiming just how terrible the violence is, and how it will destroy the innocence of youth.

So, 2016 has finally slid by us like the abhorrent slug monster it was. Sure it has left behind a disgusting trail of mucus and disappointment for us to absorb into our lives but at least the worst is behind us. Right? Right!?

The Gift

'Tis the season for gift-giving and receiving. But there are some presents you'd rather not receive. Especially if you're in a horror movie.

“The horror genre is naught but blood and guts” is an axiom many a normie shall tell you throughout your life. NAY I SAY...NAY, for we horror aficionados know there are many eloquent forms of art hidden within the hallowed halls of the macabre.

Perhaps it’s because I watch so much horror throughout the year, perhaps there is a certain sense of nostalgia in the air during this time of year but Halloween brings me back to my childhood.

There are few horror tropes quite as prevalent as the cat scare, but with such an abundance of fearsome felines, the question remains what is the greatest horror movie cat scare? In no particular order here are some worthwhile contenders for the number one spot.

As I mentioned in my previous list of the 10 Best Horror Synth Scores, nostalgia is all the rage.

Bleary-eyed and soaked in chlorine, cheap pizza, joy, fulfillment, and margaritas, some of the BGH team comes to you with a list of 13 Hot Takes from this year’s Horror Hound Weekend Indianapolis (HHW).

Halloween is fast approaching, and if you want to show yourself off as the superior nerd here as some horror costumes that while they are immediately recognizable are specifically designed for you to go “Ummm actually this is what I'm dressed as”.