Ben Templesmith Illustrates "Dracula"

Eisner- and Scream Award-nominated writer/artist Ben Templesmith provides 27 all-new, full-color chapter illustrations for this special presentation of a classic horror novel. Originally published in 1897, Dracula is one of the best-selling and most influential stories of all time.

We've all heard of Bram Stoker's "Dracula". Hell, a lot of us have probably read it. Sure it's a classic that some may call a bit dry but still, a classic all the same. Combining forces with artist Ben Templesmith of "30 Days of Night" fame, IDW Publishing has brought us this pretty nifty repacking of the book.

The story in itself is unchanged. It's the same story that has spawned thousands of goth kids for decades. What makes it special is the art work of Templesmith. Do keep in mind, this isn't a panelized comic adaptation; this is the classic story with very pretty and hauntingly painted chapter illustrations. The art gives that little extra edge to the visions set forth by Stoker and brings to life to the characters for that extra added touch of spookiness on a late night reading spree.

IDW's "Dracula" is well put together and the artwork, put simply, is great. If you're not a big art fan and already have a copy of the book however; there's really not a lot here for you. If you're looking to round out your library however, this is the version to get. The artwork helps to give the book a complete package and will look great on your shelf. Even if you're not much of an art fan, you'll still appreciate Templesmith's work.

"Dracula" is available now in bookstores and comic shops all over.


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