Fourteen years ago Eli Roth burst onto the horror scene with the gory, darkly funny and memorable Cabin Fever. Since then the quality of his conbtributions to the horror community have been extremely varied but there is little doubt that this first entry is a shining star in a time period that was particularly depressing for horror. So it seems fitting in light of the backlash that he's gotten over the last few years that he is returning to produce what once made him one of our most promising young stars.

 Three years ago; James Wan had a massive hit with The Conjuring grossing almost one hundred and thirty-eight million dollars on a twenty-thousand dollar budget. This made it inevitable that we were going to get a slew of these movies until they become completely unprofitable, even if they were only produced by Wan. Sure, we had Annabelle in 2014, but what makes this different is that this is the next entry directed by James Wan:

The stylistic aping of 70s and 80s horror has become just as much a genre staple as possession films and found footage. More so prominent in so-called “indie” horror (or the more terribly termed “mumble-gore”) you’re now likely to encounter a pleasantly orchestrated synth soundtrack or the possible appearance of wood paneling that reminds you of getting real messed up on Mountain Dew and playing Nintendo Track & Field with your pals until 6:00 AM. Though you just used your hands instead of actually running in place because why wouldn’t you?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead in 10 Cloverfield Lane

Eight years after Cloverfield stomped gleefully into our lives, along comes the trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane, seemingly out of nowhere. This new project from Producer J.J. Abrams and his team is a sort-of-sequel – or “blood relative,” if you will – to the original film. While, the connection between the two films isn’t immediately spelled out in lights, there are hints.

Still from the trailer for Moth

The first trailer for Moth contains a couple of ingredients that, while not essential, certainly are very helpful when it comes to cooking up a promising found footage flick. For one thing, it ties in a real (or easily relatable) urban legend, in this case the Mothman. Then it sends its characters into the woods where they spend some time investigating strange occurrences. Later, they run around in the dark, screaming while being chased by some unseen, yet presumably nightmarish, presence.

Friend Request trailer

The trailer for Friend Request, the new Facebook-based horror flick, is here and it seems checking social media is becoming very dangerous these days. If this trend continues, pretty soon it’s going to be safer to investigate a strange noise in the woods or disrespect a Native American burial ground. Whatever you do, just stay the heck away from your laptop or smartphone.   

Creepy doll baby from Over Your Dead Body trailer

Beds feature prominently in the trailer for Over Your Dead Body, the latest from Audition director Takashi Miike. It contains multiple shots of people doing the normal things people do in beds like sleeping, as well as less average things like waking up in mortal terror and bleeding from the head. There are also a few other, way less average, unspeakable things going on. The location is certainly appropriate given the film’s dreamlike atmosphere. Unfortunately for the characters, the nightmares don’t end when the alarm clock sounds.  

In the trailer for Freaks of Nature, the citizens of a small town react to an alien invasion pretty much as you would expect: they freak right out. The thing is, we're not talking about an ordinary citizenry. In addition to the human populace, this small town also happens to be home to vampires and zombies. When all three of those groups collectively lose it, well, that is a whole special kind of chaos.       

There’s a lesson in the new trailer for The Boy: If someone is willing to pay you to babysit a doll and you’re A-OK with exploiting the likely-mentally ill for a paycheck, at least do a good job. That means sticking to whatever rules that person gives you on keeping the doll happy, provided they’re not illegal or dangerous. In 99 out of 100 situations, you’re simply burning empty calories to appease your new, probably crazy, boss. However there is also a slight chance that something sinister may be afoot and those rules may actually be of grave importance.

Scene from the film "#Horror"

The typical worst case scenario for tweens who get a little too into social media games is that they spend too much of their parents’ money and have to miss opening night of the latest YA-adaption to hit theaters because they're grounded. For the tweens in the trailer for the new flick #Horror, the worst case is way, way worse. Gaming turns into cyber-bulling which spirals into a night of blood and violence.