In a passing glance at the premise to Corin Hardy's debut film The Hallow  one can't help but conjure up memories of Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead- people in a secluded setting battling the supernatural. Hardy, who is on deck to direct the remake of The Crow clearly took heavy influence for his much talked about debut. The frames on display in the debut trailer for The Hallow have roots deep in Raimi's own debut, but with a more polished aesthetic and set on the Irish countryside. 

This is not a prank, April Fools has come and gone! After delay after delay (after delay) it looks like Eli Roth's cannibal film, The Green InfernoI, is finally coming to the big screen this fall. At this point, this movie has been talked about so much, I assume that half the people in the theaters will go just to see the movie that we have heard about for so long. Although, to clarify the film's delay reportedly had nothing to do with the content of the movie and was caused instead by a contract dispute between the companies involved.

Toby is at it again, only this time with the help of a special camera he and his spooky buddies can't hide from the ever-watching video lens. The first full-length trailer for Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension has debuted and puts a new unsuspecting family on a crash course with Toby, Katie, and Kristi.

BLACK MASSES! ILLUMINATI INFLUENCE! The 90’s were a strange decade and who better to highlight one of the more unnerving events of the Satanic scare than writer, director, composer extraordinaire, Alejandro Amenábar (The Others, Thesis)

The low-budget animal-turned-monster movie, popularized largely by the SyFy Channel, has become a staple of the b-movie echelon of late. After the unprecedented success of Sharknado—which created a pop culture event—and the subsequent sequel, the genre has only grown in popularity and absurdity. It is onto this stage that Llamagedon struts on four its four legs. Reportedly inspired "by a true t-shirt", the film seems to be about a pack of mutated space llamas hell bent on destroying humanity. Do I really even need to tell you more?

Kids are creepy. Not only do they carry LOTS of actual germs, they are sticky and clingy and always mimicking you. So what better fodder for a horror movie than actual kids attacking adults and one another? 

If you own a television or even if you keep your perusing to the internet, you probably have heard of Ryan Murphy. From his fetish medical drama Nip/Tuck to the constantly quoted American Horror Story and Glee (for the non-horror fans), Murphy seems to have the ideas to entertain; whether or not those ideas are successful is another argument.

Those of you who are big Guillermo del Torro fans, like I am, have probably been anxiously awaiting the prolific filmmaker's return to the fantastical and magical world that he became so well known for with films like Pan's Labyrinth and the Hellboy franchise.

Revenge horror is often one of the most brutally violent sub genres and rarely fails to deliver on the satisfaction. Freshman director Adam Egypt Mortimer's Some Kind of Hate focuses on a high strung high school student who is viciously bullied until he summons the entity of a girl, Moira, who was tormented to the point of suicide. With and eventually without his help, Moira exacts her bloody revenge on the guilty.

Horror movies have loved using children as a source of creepiness for ages, from Damien in The Omen (1976) to the cat boy with a mouth full of darkness inThe Grudge. In fact, the rash American remakes of Japanese and Korean horror films of the mid-aughts seemed to play this trope out. In their relative absence in the recent past, some may have wondered what the next incarnation of the horrifying child might be.