If you own a television or even if you keep your perusing to the internet, you probably have heard of Ryan Murphy. From his fetish medical drama Nip/Tuck to the constantly quoted American Horror Story and Glee (for the non-horror fans), Murphy seems to have the ideas to entertain; whether or not those ideas are successful is another argument.

Those of you who are big Guillermo del Torro fans, like I am, have probably been anxiously awaiting the prolific filmmaker's return to the fantastical and magical world that he became so well known for with films like Pan's Labyrinth and the Hellboy franchise.

Revenge horror is often one of the most brutally violent sub genres and rarely fails to deliver on the satisfaction. Freshman director Adam Egypt Mortimer's Some Kind of Hate focuses on a high strung high school student who is viciously bullied until he summons the entity of a girl, Moira, who was tormented to the point of suicide. With and eventually without his help, Moira exacts her bloody revenge on the guilty.

Horror movies have loved using children as a source of creepiness for ages, from Damien in The Omen (1976) to the cat boy with a mouth full of darkness inThe Grudge. In fact, the rash American remakes of Japanese and Korean horror films of the mid-aughts seemed to play this trope out. In their relative absence in the recent past, some may have wondered what the next incarnation of the horrifying child might be.

Tweeting is all the rage with the kids these days! At least that's what I'm reading on the MyBlogs and whatnot. So I thought I'd breakdown how I would LiveTweet the new Sinister 2 trailer which just hit the tubes.

@JoeBGH - :17

Why are those young kids in tank tops?

@JoeBGH - :30
Wait they sleep in the tank tops? Why don't they have pajamas?

@JoeBGH - :37
Hey is that the guy from Slipknot?

Here we go again. I'll be 100% honest, I watched this trailer while on a conference call so I had it muted and I wasn't 100% paying attention, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this doesn't look that awful. I'd go as far as to say it looks somewhat silly. Maybe silly isn't the right word because there's a prison full of inmates being lined up ATM but still, you get my point. Oh and Eric Roberts is in there for some reason. Anyway, look at the trailer for Tom Six's final chapter in the trilogy and look for the full thing in selected theaters and VOD on May 22nd.


Austrailian horror film "The Babdook" has been creating scores of gushing fans after screenings across the states. Appearences at The Stanley Film Festival and Sundance showed an appreciation for the film's genuine craft and generic roots. A few days ago Fantastic Fest showed the flick a substantial amount of love bestowing filmmaker Jennifer Kent with Best Horror Feature and Best Horror Screenplay awards.

Are you ready for an all new anthology adventure this Halloween?  Prepare yourself, V/H/S Viral is hitting V.O.D. on October 23rd! Check out the trailer below! 

Tommy Wirkola ‘s 2009 Nazi zombie romp “Dead Snow” was a full on magical experience. And that means a lot coming from me because it had subtitles and I get confused easily. Now we have the trailer for the follow up, "Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead", and it looks balls out awsome.

Halloween time is rapidly approaching my friends and you know what that means. That's right... Art school drop outs working at your local haunted house attraction. I used to go to a real gem in Upstate NY that would actually give you a golf cart to ride around on the side of a mountain while people ran out of the woods screaming at you. No joke, the guy who put us in the cart actually said, "Don't turn left because you'll fall off the side".