Fede Alvarez has been a little quiet since he made a big splash with 2013's Evil Dead remake. Since then there's been rumblings of sequel and some TV work, but most have been waiting for what was next for the director on the big screen. The answer is what looks to be a tense home invasion thriller, Don't Breathe, in which three kleptos (Daniel Zovatto, Dylan Minnette, and Jane Levy) break into the home of a blind war vet (Stephen Lang). Before long what was supposed to be an easy score turns into a fight for survival.

Incarnate Trailer

WWE Studios and the juggernaut known as Blumhouse have joined forces to bring yet another story about possession to the big screen in the form of Incarnate. While it doesn't seem that there will be any actual wrasslin' going on, the film does boast Aaron Eckhart's prodigious chin.

Brace yourself. Ben Wheately produced films are coming; and for good reason. After the emergence of both High-Rise and Kill List as critical darlings the man’s name is quickly becoming synonymous with a certain level of artistic quality and gravitas that makes genre fans salivate. However, just because the production company is betting on a Pavlovian response doesn’t mean this isn’t going to be a film worth watching.

Indie director Adam Wingard made a name for himself as a director of horror shorts. His IMDB credits include several short films before he began to gain prominence with segments in the first two V/H/S films as well as in the first ABC's of Death movie.

After months of something closely aproximating anticipation, "Human Hockey Jersey" Kevin Smith has unleashed the trailer for "Yoga Hosers," Part Deux of the True North Trilogy that includes 2014's "Tusk" and the eventual "Moose Jaws" aka 'Jaws With a Moose.' I think I somehow got a contact high just by typing that last sentence, but anyway, here's "Yoga Hosers."

It’s easy to get caught up in the throes of the latest horror trend. Whether we are trapped in a deluge of zombie apocalypses or spooky ghost houses with slamming cupboards, these things can turn into an inescapable tidal wave dragging us into the abyss of commonplace.

Now that Jon Stewart has been thrown into the tar pits, I have no idea what the hell is going on in politics, but word around campus is that there's an election happening sometime this year. Not a franchise to miss out on a ham fisted stab at relevance, The Purge franchise is back with a very on-the-nose film titled The Purge: Election Year. Get it?

Fourteen years ago Eli Roth burst onto the horror scene with the gory, darkly funny and memorable Cabin Fever. Since then the quality of his conbtributions to the horror community have been extremely varied but there is little doubt that this first entry is a shining star in a time period that was particularly depressing for horror. So it seems fitting in light of the backlash that he's gotten over the last few years that he is returning to produce what once made him one of our most promising young stars. In this version he has handed the directorial rights to Travis Zariwny who also has the home invasion flick Intruder on the docket.

 Three years ago; James Wan had a massive hit with The Conjuring grossing almost one hundred and thirty-eight million dollars on a twenty-thousand dollar budget. This made it inevitable that we were going to get a slew of these movies until they become completely unprofitable, even if they were only produced by Wan. Sure, we had Annabelle in 2014, but what makes this different is that this is the next entry directed by James Wan:

The stylistic aping of 70s and 80s horror has become just as much a genre staple as possession films and found footage. More so prominent in so-called “indie” horror (or the more terribly termed “mumble-gore”) you’re now likely to encounter a pleasantly orchestrated synth soundtrack or the possible appearance of wood paneling that reminds you of getting real messed up on Mountain Dew and playing Nintendo Track & Field with your pals until 6:00 AM. Though you just used your hands instead of actually running in place because why wouldn’t you?