Revenge of the Needlessly Obscure Halloween Costumes for Horror Hipsters

The hipsters are still here in the horror landscape, hunting down and plucking out obscurities to don themselves with this Halloween. As the old saying goes, "If you can't beat 'em, then you probably haven't heard of 'em."

The Mummy Kharis: The Mummy, the most iconic egyptological entry into the horror landscape. Spearheaded by Universals 1932 classic The Mummy, which featured The Mummy Imhotep. There were a total of 5 Mummy movies in the original franchise, and yet it was not The Mummy Imhotep who played the title role in the remaining four films. It was in fact The Mummy Kharis. As such, whenever you dress as a Mummy for Halloween, might as well make it the more obscure of the two. Aside from the Hammer Mummy film of 1959, Kharis has been all but forgotten by modern audiences.

Dracula's Daughter: Dracula has a daughter all right, and we aren't referring to Mavis from the admittedly charming Hotel Transylvania pictures. Nay, we are referring to Countess Marya Zaleska the star of the massively underrated, and aptly named Dracula's Daughter. This will allow you to school all those neighbourhood trick or treaters as they show up at your door.

One of Laurie Strode's many Kids: We have a hipster crisis on our hands and that crisis is knowing way to much about the Halloween multiverse. We cannot simply abide by the doctrine of Halloween (2018). WE KNOW....KNOW that there is a multiverse out there and each one has a different Laurie Strode child. Want to be old school? Go as Jamie Lloyd the very first child of Laurie as introduced in Halloween 4. Want to relieve that 90s charm? Go for the first time Laurie Strode returned by dressing as John Tate as portrayed by Josh Hartnett in Halloween H20. Or take a page from the newest entry, and go as Karen Strode, Judy Greer from the upcoming Halloween (2018). Better yet, go as all three, and make sure they never forget that at one point, Micheal Myers really did have an extensive family tree.

A Jason in Jason Goes To Hell: Just when you thought you were out of Jason costumes, here this sequel comes to save the day by introducing you to a costume that doesn't feature Jason Voorhees at all. That's right, we're continuing our 90s journey and bringing out Jason Goes To Hell, a movie that features our favourite hockey player jumping from body to body in order to snuff out his bloodline. As such, you can choose to dress as any character from this film and when some lay person inquires as to who you are portraying, bring out a mirror that has the face of Jason Voorhee's taped upon it and laugh loudly until everyone at the party avoids you.

An Office Worker from Belko industries or an Associate of Towers & Smythe Consulting: Turns out quite a few horror directors have resentment toward their time spent locked within the confines of the office. As such there have been a bevy of office rampage movies, which is exactly what we are playing on today. This costume is a trap of sorts and requires you to have two business cards within your pocket. See while the movies Mayhem, and The Belko Experiment are quite different, the look of a dishevelled murderous office worker is not. Go in a white dress shirt, black pants, and some blood stains. Then await the unsuspecting victim of your hipsterness to fall into your web by stating “Awesome insert movie costume”. Then you pull out the business card opposite to their statement, yet again foiling their attempts to understand your excellence and ensuring you are not invited to next year's party.

Dracula 2000: There have been a lot of Dracula's in our time. The more specific your Dracula costume gets, the higher the chance you can jump on someone when they misidentify you as the incorrect Dracula. For this entry we're recommending the Dracula from Dracula 2000. Gerard Butler in an early role with some flowing locks, will be sure to stump most people at the party. For good reason too because really no one should waste any brain power remembering this film's existence. If we are burdened with the film invading our minds, might as well share our pain with someone else.

Trevor from Scream 4: Credit for this costume goes to Heather Wixson who recently tweeted out the uncanny resemblance in the outfit for Trevor in Scream 4. Eagle eyed Scream fans will notice that it perfectly mirrors the outfit of Sidney's Dad from the original Scream. Which makes this a delightfully double dose of obscurity. In the off chance someone recognizes you as Sidney's Dad from Scream, you can scoff, take a swig of your fine cognac, and enlighten them that you are in fact the character Trevor.



Ever since seeing Halloween 3 and 4 at a sleepover Horror films have horrified, and fascinated Andrew. This has led to a life long obsession, and a desire to discover the inner workings of the genre. Canadian born and raised, this Canuck is on a mission to see it all.

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