Netflix Streaming: "My Name is Bruce"!

It's moments like these when having Netflix is worth its weight in gold. Added just a few days ago, you can now check out Bruce Campbell's pet project, "My Name is Bruce", streaming straight from their site. The plot is very "Three Amigos", with a small town kidnapping Bruce and tasking him with taking out a local demon. It's not perfect, but as you can see from my review, there's a lot to like.

"My Name is Bruce" is a terribly funny movie. Bruce nails so many aspects of B movies, Hollywood, and fandom here, that I'm sure anyone who is a regular reader of this site will get a kick out of it. Sure the premise is weak and the 2nd act drags, but there's a lot more to like about it than there is to hate.

So make sure to check the flick out if you haven't already. In the meantime, I'm going to work on my "Curb Your EnBruce-iasm" idea, which I swear to God would make the greatest television show in the history of earth.

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