George Wilbur played Michael Myers in both of my favorite "Halloween" sequels, 1988's "The Return" and 1995's "The Curse." We caught up with him recently to talk about everything from the fabled "Producer's Cut" of H6 to Rob Zombie's remake of Carpenter's classic. Here's what he had to say.

★ ★ ★

David J. Stieve wrote the script for this summer's DVD hit "Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon." We caught up with him recently to find out what he's up to now, the possibility of a sequel and what ideas he's been kicking around.

By far, this interview with TROMA founder Lloyd Kaufman is one of my favorite pieces from the old site. We caught up with him right after the release of Citizen Toxie on DVD circa 2004, and his rants that day would turn out to be legendary. So here it is, our conversation with the craziest man in Hollywood, Lloyd Kaufman.

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★ ★ ★ ★
★ ★ ½