united states of horror

Horror has no borders! Well, unless you're Freddy Kreuger and stuck haunting Springwood. For the rest of the spooky world, specifically the United States, countless classic horror films have been set apart from the fold by where they're set. Here at BGH we've been sending readers across the lovely U.S.A. to see what kinds of horror stories have graced the land of the free...and bloody.

When it comes to the United States of Horror, there is just nowhere like Louisiana for a horror movie setting.

New England is a terrifying place. Don’t believe me? Try playing our NFL team, paying our taxes or engaging in small talk with someone you don’t know here. We can be a surly group for sure.

Three years ago the family and I packed up our things and moved out to the Midwest after working in New York City for close to 13 years.

The Blair Witch Project

Appalachia is a region rich with tradition, history, and folklore. It’s also often misunderstood, and even feared, by outsiders. As a result, the area has long been ripe for horror literature and films, and here are some of the best: