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The Hole (REVIEW)

Joe Dante is a name synonymous with horror and horror comedy. His credits include such well received genre films like "Gremlins", "The 'Burbs", "Piranha" and "The Howling". The other common thread among this quartet? They're 80s movies (ok Piranha was '78, but you get my point). And with "The Hole" Dante seems to be right back in his comfort zone using elements that could've worked in just about any form over the past 35 years.

Horror Headlines: Friday September 10th, 2010

A new TV spot for the much anticipated AMC series "The Walking Dead" has popped up. It's 15 seconds of what might be considered the most important piece of television ever imagined. Lies, it's all lies. I don't even know what the spot means.

Did I miss the memo that exorcism movies are the new hotness? I must have because here's a new poster and some images from the upcoming flick "The Possession of Emma Evans" that will be released this coming December. I can't wait for all the high school girls to start having Linda Blair posters hanging in their rooms.

If you've still got your hopes up for a "Gremlins 3," you might want to get some tissues ready. Joe Dante recently sat down to discuss his new film "The Hole" and crushed any hopes of him being involved with a new Gremlins film. Buck up camper, it'll be alright. I'm sure a 3D remake of the original will be in the works soon.

In Real People News: 

Those nutty Germans have created a giant maze in the shape of a giant sausage in order to help educate the risks associated with eating the popular fast food. A giant maze... in the shape of a sausage... Is there actual sausage in the maze? Don't answer that...I'm already packing my bags.

On this day in history: 

1924 - A judge in Chicago sentenced Nathan Leopold Jr. and Richard Loeb to life in prison for the murder of 14-year-old Bobby Franks - a "thrill killing" that had shocked the nation.

Video: Clip From Joe Dante's "The Hole 3D"

I have to admit, this entire time I thought Joe Dante’s “The Hole” was about… well, a hole. I thought kids find a hole in their house, they play in the hole and eventually grow tired of the hole. The hole gets sad that no one will play with it and eventually takes its own life. Sounds depressing, right? Well the newly released clip from the film which you can view below would lead me to believe that apparently the hole spits out all kinds of creepy things, including a scary ass little girl. I’m big enough to admit I was wrong.

Behind The Scenes Of "The Hole" With Bruce Dern

It’s been 25 years since Joe Dante directed “Gremlins” and warmed his way into our tiny little hearts. Since then he’s directed a ton of other films but nothing that really had the same impact as the 1984 critter invasion flick. Now with “The Hole”, he might just have done it again. At the very least it’s another film that’s going to be shot in 3D and should have some pretty amazing visuals.

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