What do a bitter nightwatchman, a neurotic teenager, and a fast talking businessman expecting a child have in common? They are the anchors by which Ghost Stories manages to twist its anthology conceit in such a way that no matter how different, their experiences have a miraculous sense of connective tissues that begs audiences to re-watch the second it's over.

If you will indulge me a digression, I promise that it will come back around. When I was in high school, I was always partial to stories involving magical realism. When our teachers assigned books like Midnight’s Children or One Hundred Years of Solitude I ate them up while my classmates struggled and groaned. I have always loved the dream-like nature of stories that keep the audience guessing about what is and isn’t really happening at any given time.

James Franco stars in The Vault for some reason.

The greatest mystery in The Vault, a flimsy bank heist meets haunted house mashup, has nothing whatsoever to do with the contents of the titular secure storage space. Instead, it has to do with just what in the heck James Franco is doing playing the gloriously mustachioed assistant manager of a haunted bank beset by a pack of robbers.

Where we discuss the British meaning of the term "Gloryhole". 

Larry Fessenden seems like a dude you would want to party with.

Revisiting his old ways, Stephen King’s newest novel, Joyland has the heart of that disenchanted college youth you once were and the fun you were bound to have in spite of your looming shortcomings.Joyland is a quick read that ticks you slowly up the top of that rickety rollercoaste

The pains of adolescence are well known by everyone. The struggle to find one’s self and be accepted by their peers is usually one of the most harrowing events in growing up.

Left on the roadside by their wayward and absconding mother, Delphine Dodd realizes this time is not like the others.

The Others” is a film I have heard mentioned in several discussions on the shape of narrative cinema over the passed decade. And while I did see the film upon its initial release I never much had the urge to revisit it. I remember enjoying the experience but not quite recalling anything particularly extraordinary about it. However, revisiting the film 10 years after its release it is easy to see the potential and foresight displayed here.

Even Daniel Craig's amazingly sculpted abs couldn't save this flick from mediocrity...