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A tormented couple teams with a paranormal investigator in The Dark Tapes

Ambition and a love for 2012’s V/H/S are two things The Dark Tapes has in spades. What the film lacks, however, is a sense of when to stop talking to its audience.  A found footage anthology film, The Dark Tapes looks to have sprouted from the wraparound story in V/H/S. Filmmakers Michael McQuown (director/writer for all but one segment) and Vincent J.

The road trip has come to symbolize numerous things in the milieu of cinema USA. It’s freedom, self-discovery, escape, or denial. Whether from Rey, Hellman, Peckinpah, Malick, Reichardt, or as depicted in a sea of sex comedies, horror stories, or motorcycle gang flicks, the road has unspooled across celluloid landscapes as yellow paint races by and voluminous clouds however in the distance. Though far from specific to the U.S. such a story had come to inform many New Hollywood filmmakers and their subsequent acolytes. And at their core, they are films about uncertainty.

26 different short films, 26 different off topic conversations...

If I had to guess, I would assume that nostalgia plays a huge role in a lot of horror fans love of the genre. Personally, I know that when people ask me why I like and write about genre flicks, my go-to answer usually involves growing up watching these films with my father and childhood friends. Given that I grew up as a child of the nineties, anthology horror in particular triggered that nostalgic feeling more than almost anything.

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