The Razzies Give Horror Films Some Love, Sort Of

With the Academy Awards coming up this Sunday the people of the world have set their eyes on Hollywood. Unfortunately horror has been snubbed again this year, but luckily The Razzies have picked up the slack for us fans. The annual award show, which honors the year’s worst movies, has given out a number of nominations to horror films. Most notably “The Happening” picked up nominations for worst picture, worst director, worst screenplay and its star Mark Wahlberg has been honored with a worst actor nod.

Jessica Alba also picked up a nomination for worst actress for her stunning role in “The Eye”. The main topic of last week’s podcast “REPO! The Genetic Opera” helped to get Paris Hilton a nomination for worst supporting actress. Probably the biggest honor of the night will go to Eric’s favorite director Uwe Boll for Worst Career Achievement of 08. Boll’s film “Postal” managed to pick up a few nominations despite coming out in 2007. Good for you.

For the Worst Picture nominees, they even threw together some stats to help back their nominations. Here's what they had on the two horror releases who were "honored":

I'm only really including "Dungeon Siege" as a horror film because Uwe Boll's involved and we can never get enough of discussing his career. Above that, have you ever seen a more impressive budget vs box office total? I think not.

You can find out who takes home the gold this Sunday when The Razzies post the “winners” at


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