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You haven't heard crazy until you've listened to Mr. Uwe Boll. While he gets prepared to unleash his insane duo of "Postal" and "Seed" on the world, I thought it was time to dig up this gem, conducted around the time that "House of the Dead" was released. As you can tell by my bright-eyed questions, I had no idea what Mr. Boll was about to poop into cinemas, and that's sort of what makes this interview so funny. Enjoy!

I wanted to make movies from my 10 birthday on. I saw Mutiny of the Bounty with Marlon Brando, I loved it. I wanted to be a pirate.

I've got to ask this right off the bat. First we heard that the video game footage was going to be in the film. Then, after some rumblings in the online community you announced that the footage would be taken out...Now there are reviews online from the screening at the San Fransisco Film Festival that claimed the footage was in the version that the reviewers saw. Will you settle this once and for all, is the videogame footage in or out? Can you tell us specifically the nature of the footage if it is still in the film?

There is video game footage in the opening credits and in total in the movie as optical effects 37 shots - and each shot is no longer than between 0.2 seconds and 1.1 seconds - So in total we are talking about around 25 seconds. And this stuff is working well as effect - to make an homage to the videogame. "Variety" wrote yesterday that "House of the Dead" is the best videogame movie ever - because the characters from the games are in HOD - plus the editing, music etc. ! You should see the movie and then judge for yourself.

Can you describe how the audience reacted to the film at that screening?

In San Fransisco and in L.A. for the FM market screening - The reaction was great - from the buyers but also from the fans. It was applause etc.!

There hasn't been any official word yet on when the film will be released or how. Is "House of the Dead" headed for a theatrical release? can you give us some info on it's current release status and how you think it will end up being released?

In Europe and Asia the movie is sold including a theatrical release. In USA - all the major studios like the movie - but so far they don't wanna go theatrical - because of the high promotion and advertising costs. I cannot accept this so I'll make more screenings right now because it must go out in the theatres. The most House of the Dead fans are in the USA - so it is absurd that there would be only a video release.

Videogame fans have been known to be rabid purists. Honestly, are you at all afraid about how your film will hold up in their eyes? Do you really care how they receive it?

I care what Horror and Videogame freaks say - I made the movie for them. I cannot get from everyone a good review - but in total I'm happy so far - because I delivered a lot of Action, Gore, and Videogame style editing. I don't think that ever in the film history there was a 12 minute Action scene like our battle in front of the house - with 4500 cuts, matrix style shots, turntable shots, 66 gore effects and 111 CGI shots.

You've been quoted a few places bashing the film version of "Resident Evil", can you tell us exactly where you think that film went wrong, and how "House of the Dead" will be different?

I'm not against "Resident Evil" - but our movie is more fun - and has more Action and Gore visible. "Resident Evil" never showed blood effects.

Has the film been submitted to the MPAA for rating yet? Are there any scenes that you're worried might not be able to escape without cuts?

The US distributor must go to the MPAA. It could be that I have to cut out a few takes - but on the DVD we will deliver an extra version.

Did you run into any problems with the elements of nature working in those large forests?

It was raining 60% of the time - and then it was always a nighttime shoot. It was not easy for all of us - good for the Zombies with the Prostetics though - they were always warm and dry under the rubber. We had also some bears around the set in Canada - this feels not so comfortable

The official site for "House of the Dead" has some storyboards for the sequel to the film reported to start filming in 2003. Has this film already been greenlit? Can you tell us anything about the plot?

I'm preparing right now "Alone In The Dark" modeled after the INFOGAMES game. But there is a script that I like that could be a Sequel to House of the Dead.

After you're done with all things "House of the Dead" is there anything else down the pipeline for you? Anything else you have in development?

"Alone In The Dark" is coming up next - and I wanna do next year "Hitman" and "Eternal Darkness" - I'm in negotiations with the game company now.

Alright now let's learn a little bit more about Uwe Boll the horror fan... We all want to know what's in your DVD player. What is the last horror movie you watched, and what did you think of it?

"The Ring" and "Final Destination 2" - both in the theatres. "The Ring" is great ...FD2 was okay. I saw the video of "Behind the Limits" from Olaf Ittenbach - in that movie is one great scene where a guy is butchering 7 people in a room - it was unbelievably brutal and intense. The problem with a lot of splatter movies is that the actors are not good, also the editing, camera work etc. - are only semi-professional.

I've read that you're a big fan of George Romero's Dead Trilogy. If you had to pick one, "Night of the Living Dead", "Dawn of the Dead", or "Day of the Dead" as your favorite, which one would you pick and why?

"Dawn of the Dead" - it was for me the most intense, thrilling part.

Do you have any opinion on the remake of "Dawn of the Dead" that's in the works. How do you feel about the reworking of classic films?

A remake of that part is not necessary. A remake only makes sense with really old movies - that means 50 years and older.

Most directors will tell you that there was a very specific moment when they realized that they wanted to make movies, was there a moment like that for you?

I wanted to make movies from my 10 birthday on. I saw "Mutiny of the Bounty" with Marlon Brando, I loved it. I wanted to be a pirate. I started with my own Super 8mm films , later also video. I was very influenced also from Rosemary's Baby.

So you've made your big Zombie movie that you wanted to make. If "House of the Dead" does as good as I think it will, what is your next dream? What kind of film have you always dreamed of making, but never had the chance?

After I do "Silent Hill" as a movie and then "Hitman," I would love to make a WAR MOVIE.

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