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Joe Lynch took the horror world by storm this summer with a surprising grassroots campaign for his film "Wrong Turn 2." Now that the dust has settled, there's already talk of a third film in the series. I sat down with Joe recently to gage his feelings on the unprecedented marketing campaign, as well as his thoughts on directing future "Wrong Turn" installments.

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Shawn Lewis has been clothing horror fans for years with his company Rotten Cotton, and 2008 will see him jump into the world of filmmaking with his ode to Blaxploitation, "Black Devil Doll." It's all in the title of the film, so read on to find out more about the man and this peculiar project.

Michael Roddy is a show director for this year's Universal Halloween Horror Nights, a special Halloween event being put on by Universal Studios in Orlando. It's of special interest to horror fans this year because of the inclusion of three of Horror's biggest icons (thanks to a vaunted deal with New Line Cinema). After checking out the event recently I decided to find out a little more. Here's what I dug up.

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