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Bleary-eyed and soaked in chlorine, cheap pizza, joy, fulfillment, and margaritas, some of the BGH team comes to you with a list of 13 Hot Takes from this year’s Horror Hound Weekend Indianapolis (HHW).

Babies are so cute and adorable no matter what they do. When they spill crap people think it's the sweetest thing they've ever seen and when they cut their babysitter into pieces it's like eatin a little slice of sunshine. Or so "Murder Baby" would have you believe.

If you've watched many old cartoons or sitcoms from the 60s and 70s, you probably recognize the Screen Gems company ID that closed many shows like Bewitched or the Flintstones.

I'm not what you would call a "fan" of subtitles but I do like Zombies. So the short film "Zombies and Cigarettes" has me torn in so many directions I don't know what to do with myself. On one hand having a bunch of Zombies run around a shopping mall isn't the most original idea. On the other hand though the short film is only 17 minutes so it's perfect for my ADD ass. Have a watch below and just tell me what to do please.

So, Kanye messed up. He cried about it with Leno, apologized a million times, and has now collaborated with Spike Jonze on a short film called "We were once a Fairytale." Creepy short film/music videos have been tackled by many stars, including the successful 'urban-opera' that turned R.

Apparently this is what James Gunn has moved onto from his "PG Porn Series". I'm not sure if this is funnier than those videos, although they did elicit the occasional chuckle from me, but I can say that it's far, far more disturbing.