Say "Hello" to Kanye's Little Friend

So, Kanye messed up. He cried about it with Leno, apologized a million times, and has now collaborated with Spike Jonze on a short film called "We were once a Fairytale." Creepy short film/music videos have been tackled by many stars, including the successful 'urban-opera' that turned R. Kelly's career around "Trapped in the Closet" (sarcasm, please).

The film is around 9 minutes long and for a good 5 minutes features a drunk and stumbling Kanye West who sings along to his own music at a bar, gropes uninterested women, and kind of sort of starts a fight(?) The underlying conflict is as unclear as paper vomit. Unless, of course, the underlying meaning is that Kanye feels really crappy that he is kinda obnoxious when he drinks. If that is the meaning, that is pretty clear. Continuing on, Kanye stumbles into the bathroom after humping a ghost girl/stack of pillows and then things get really weird and horrific.

Maybe I'm not artsy enough to understand the. . . ending, but I will pull out my artsy film snob and say it reminded me of the surreal Jan Svankmajer adaptation of Alice in Wonderland called "Alice". It's available as a 'play now' on Netflix and will totally F with your head the way Kanye's. . . ending F'd with our intelligence.



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