Exorcisms may be a staple within the horror genre, but they were never an integral part of the original Evil Dead mythos—once a person became a Deadite, the only way to deal with it was bodily dismemberment (preferably by chainsaw). But with the addition of a larger pantheon of capital “E” Evil in the universe of Ash vs. Evil Dead the options have grown. More demons mean more ways to send them back to hell!

Episode seven of AHS: Hotel, “Flicker,” gives us what we’ve all been waiting on since the beginning: The Countess’ history.

While Will Drake is breaking ground and walls on the renovations to the Hotel, the construction workers demo through a metal wall and discover an eerie corridor that smells like death. Obviously, for our entertainment, the two men venture into the darkness and are attacked by two zombified vampires. When Iris goes to show the Countess was found – we see the first crack in her icy veneer and know she is terrified.

Both “cabin in the woods movies" and “road movies” are well-worn and well-loved genres but, on paper, the two don't seem like they should go to together. The isolation inherent in an far-flung cabin or other spooky setting is the polar opposite of the sprawling broadness of the world in a “road movie.” For all intents and purposes, Ash. vs Evil Dead, playing on the fear and remoteness of the movie for which its named and taking to the open road should not work as well as it does.

Episode six of AHS, “Room 33,” finally delves more into the background of the Countess and her weird obsession with the vampire children she keeps in the basement, but does little else for the overall story of the show.

Ash vs. Evil Dead is a show with a lot of moving parts. We have our trio of misfits, the rogue cop trying to piece together what happened to her partner, and a mysterious woman who seems to be hip to all that’s going on. As the show jumps from one story to another, we can’t help but wonder when these three arcs are going to collide, undoubtedly with buckets of blood to show for it. In “From Beyond Books”, the moment of impact gets a little closer. In the cold open, the audience finally gets to see Lucy Lawless kick some Deadite ass and rock some pretty serious driving gloves to boot.

The slow burn of American Horror Story Hotel is starting to catch fire. The fifth episode, “Room Service,” we start to see several things starting to unravel for the worst (but definitely for our entertainment.)

Welcome back! It’s week two of our Ash vs. Evil Dead recap and Ash is fully back in sardonic hero mode. After things really went to hell last week, Kelly and Pablo have no choice but to believe Ash and now they have to decide what to do with that information. The three end up at Kelly’s parents house where her mother, missing and presumed dead for months, has returned home claiming that she’s been living in a homeless shelter with amnesia. Could this unlikely story be true, or is the Evil just toying with Ash?

The Halloween episode of American Horror Story: Hotel was aptly named “Devil’s Night,” though it did little to really deliver on the horror of such a foreboding title.

This year has seen more than a few transformations of movies into TV shows. From Limitless and Minority Report to Scream, there have been a dearth of adaptations from the silver screen and many of them suffer in the ratings. Audiences and filmmakers know that recreating or retelling a well-worn story is hard enough when the format stays the same, but the challenges seem to multiply when the medium shifts.

If the first two episodes of AHS: Hotel were lacking in back story or motivation for the main characters, episode three should have started to quench your thirst.