Whether you’re a member of the audience, a critic, or directly connected to a television series, finales bring with them a host of questions; from whether or not plot lines paid off to whether or not you had fun watching them.

If you look up Ash vs. Evil Dead on IMDB, you will note that it has an average rating of 9/10 stars, based on 17,000+ reviews. Check out Rotten Tomatoes’ “Tomatometer” and you’ll see that it’s sitting pretty at 98%.

After a few rockier weeks, Ash vs. Evil Dead is back.  “Ashes to Ashes” may be one of the strongest episodes of the series thus far. Changing up the formula from the previous episodes to a fantastic effect, the eighth episode finds us right back at the cabin where it all began.

Another day, another Deadite. After Ash’s old friend (?) Lem manages to stumble away from the carnage at the diner last week, he heads back to the small militia outpost in the middle of the woods where he has been living; ya know, like you do.

At its core, Ash vs. Evil Dead is the story of a hero on a quest.

Of all the questions we want answers to on American Horror Story Hotel, the identity of the Ten Commandments Killers is pretty low on the list. Episode 8 of the series is aptly named, "The Ten Commandments Killer" – and we get exactly that.

Exorcisms may be a staple within the horror genre, but they were never an integral part of the original Evil Dead mythos—once a person became a Deadite, the only way to deal with it was bodily dismemberment (preferably by chainsaw).

Episode seven of AHS: Hotel, “Flicker,” gives us what we’ve all been waiting on since the beginning: The Countess’ history.