WARNING: This review contains spoilers for the second season of Ash vs. Evil Dead, as well as its finale. Think about it like the Necronomicon: read it at your own risk.

We’ve reached the penultimate episode, y’all. You know what they say, two seasons forward and twenty-five years back. The loss of Pablo has left our heroes pretty well wrecked, and the only option seems to be to return to where, and when, it all began.

There comes a time in every hero’s journey when that hero needs saving themselves. That time has come for Ash who, last we saw him, was trapped inside a dilapidated asylum, with Baal playing dress up as his Doctor (Dr. Peacock, I’ll have you know), and no friends around him.

In a series (based on a film franchise) where being weird is nothing new, “Delusion” comes out swinging and certainly sets a new record (at least for the television show - scholars will no doubt argue for years to come whether a delusion of insanity tops being transported to the middle

With the arrival of of the sixth episode, the second season of Ash vs Dead is officially more than halfway over, and season two is shaping up to be even stronger than the first.

Ash vs. Evil Dead is often chock full of retro references, particularly those of the Sam Raimi variety. In our most recent episode, which just so happens to have been released over the Halloween weekend, we are treated to nods and homages to some other horror touchstones.

Another week, another host of ghoulies to fight, but something is different in “DUI.” The gang has split in two and, as a result, we are treated to an equally bifurcated episode.

Episode three of the second season of Starz' Ash vs Evil Dead is dollars to Deadites every bit as good, if not better, than the first. After the second episode ends with a ragtag bunch of hooligans absconding with Ash’s beloved car, “Last Call” opens with a mournful montage.

In every hero’s journey there must be a point where the hero returns home, to the place it all began; this is that story.

El Jefe and his crew are back, just in time to start your spooky season off right. At the end of its first season, Ash vs Evil Dead was a huge hit, boasting an 8.7/10 average score on IMDB and a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, the people had spoken.