With less than a half a season left to go, Ash vs. Evil Dead found itself in a predicament that too many good shows have encountered. Suddenly they could be counted among the list of shows which have been cancelled mid-run.

It has been an emotional few weeks, folks. After my last recap I was feeling for the very first time that Ash vs. Evil Dead might be slowing down and getting old, just like it’s groovy protagonist.

A day that I hoped would never come has arrived. With the release of “Twist and Shout” the seventh episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead’s third season, I am worried about the longevity of a show that I really love.

As has become routine for the series, the most recent episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead starts with all of our characters in different places, coming together and apart.

In a show where battle lines have been drawn and redrawn, “Baby Proof” is an episode that concerns itself with picking sides. Will Pablo choose the darkness or the light?

Fatherhood is a trip and so far on this season of Ash vs. Evil Dead our hero is figuring that out one epic misstep at a time. After meeting his newly revealed daughter he promptly kills her best friend and allows her mother to be killed.

This week's episode of Ash finds our hero and his newly-discovered daughter both dealing with the death of his wife, her mom, in their own ways. While Brandy is trying to sort out what to make of her life now that her mother is gone, Ash is busy re-killing her.

In its short run time, Ash vs. Evil Dead has had its fair share of memorable set pieces. Like the films that came before it, this show is at its best when it’s gooey and when the effects are practical.

An unfortunate side-effect of the era of “Peak TV” is showrunners not knowing when to call it quits. On a certain level, we can’t blame the writers, directors, and actors for keeping these shows going indefinitely.

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