Slead Score: A-

Hold onto your bob cut platinum wigs, Twin Peaks is giving us a reason to keep laser focused.

Slead Score: C+

Anyone else feeling that strong need for our old buddy? Where's Cooper?

Slead Score: B

Green tea lattes aren't all that bad.

Slead Score: A

I think we've made it, folks. I think we're back in Twin Peaks.

Slead Score: A-

"I'll see you again in 25 years." - Laura Palmer.

WARNING: This review contains spoilers for the second season of Ash vs. Evil Dead, as well as its finale. Think about it like the Necronomicon: read it at your own risk.

We’ve reached the penultimate episode, y’all. You know what they say, two seasons forward and twenty-five years back. The loss of Pablo has left our heroes pretty well wrecked, and the only option seems to be to return to where, and when, it all began.

There comes a time in every hero’s journey when that hero needs saving themselves. That time has come for Ash who, last we saw him, was trapped inside a dilapidated asylum, with Baal playing dress up as his Doctor (Dr. Peacock, I’ll have you know), and no friends around him.

In a series (based on a film franchise) where being weird is nothing new, “Delusion” comes out swinging and certainly sets a new record (at least for the television show - scholars will no doubt argue for years to come whether a delusion of insanity tops being transported to the middle