The DVD Bargain Bin - 4/7/2009

Last week in the Bargain Bin brought an onslaught of epic proportions upon our wallets. This week lightens the attack a bit with one major studio release and a whole host of solid direct to video titles.

Keanu managed to botch up a classic film on the big screen in 2008's The Day the Earth Stood Still, now he can botch it up in your home as well! Love it or hate it, "Day The Earth Stood Still" is hitting shelves in a variety of flavors including single disk, double disk and Blu Ray!

A group of online deviants gather together at an abandoned factory. They've been invited there to watch a live snuff film in the making. Unfortunately for them, it turns out they may be the stars in The Death Factory Bloodletting.

A killer escapes from prison. As with most insane escapees, he only has one thing on his mind: revenge. In Disturbed, the town of Quartz Hill is in for the longest night of its life!

You know the name, you've heard rumors of the mythical sex act. In Donkey Punch a group of young adults are partying on a yacht when someone turns up dead in a freak accident. Left not knowing what to do, the party turns red as they decide to fight their way through till morning.

Two couples in rural Alabama find themselves terrorized by a local crazy. Fleeing for their lives, the head into the woods to hole up in an old House. Turns out, that's exactly where Mr. Crazy wanted them to be. Stars Michael Madsen!

Covered by Jon and Mark in the Live from Horrorhound Weekend edition of the BGH Podcast, Shuttle is the latest in the "terrified girls on a trip" sub-genre! Two lovely ladies board an airport shuttle on their flight home. In a case of the worst layover ever, their journey home from the airport quickly devolves into a journey to hell.

A series of gruesome murders plagues the southern town of Gibbington and the local police department has no one to pin it on but ex-sheriff Howard Blaim. When his daughter returns home to try and clear her father's name, it soon becomes apparent that Melanie's old friend Jimmy and his creepy grandmother who has some witchy powers may be to blame in Swamp Devil


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