The DVD Bargain Bin 3/31/2009

While last week the Bargain Bin was light and easy to handle, the distributors turned around this week and hit us full bore with new releases! We have a little bit of everything here from Film Festivals to naughty dwarfs. So sit tight, hold on to your butts and start figuring out your entertainment budget for the week as we dive into the latest in horror DVD releases!

Our biggest entry by far to the Bargain Bin this week is the After Dark Film Festival III Boxset! Known for their support of independent horror films, this boxset is a great way to take in the festival if you are unfortunate enough to not have a participating theater in your town.
Autopsy A young woman spends the night trying to locate her boyfriend in a bizarre hospital. Starring Michael Bowen and Robert Patrick
Broken stars Lena Heady as a woman who stands in a busy street. As she turns, she sees herself drive by. Following herself to her apartment, her reality slowly falls apart.
The Butterfly Effect: Revelation continues much like the first two in the franchise. A young man travels through time to try and solve the mystery of his girlfriends death. Starring Rachel Miner, We can at least be happy this one doesn't star Ashton Kutcher.
In Dying Breed we delve into the depths of a Tasmanian urban legend. Nina thinks her sister was killed by the elusive Tasmanian Tiger and wants to form an expedition to prove their existence. On their trip, they find themselves surrounded by the descendants of "The Pieman", the notorious cannibal thought to stalk the same forest in 1824.
A strange rash of multiple suicides plague a small american town in From Within Starring the Hebrew Hammer Adam Goldberg and "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" star Thomas Dekker.
Ronald Perkins is a frightful man, so he brainwashes 14 followers to protect him from his parents' killers. Perkins 14 was the most successful film theatrically in this year's After Dark fest.
Slaughter tells the tale of a young girl fleeing an abusive marriage to the comforts of home and the protection of her parents. When she arrives, she soon finds out that abuse can come in many different forms.
This years foreign language entry to the Festival, Voice is a South Korean supernatural. Many believe that those closest to you may want you dead as well when they pass on. After all, eternity is a lonely place.

A Seattle history professor flies home to his estranged family in Cthulu. As he settles in he soon discovers some startling revelations behind his fathers new-age cult.

In what I originally thought was going to be a kick ass metal album judging from the cover, Ogre is unfortunately nothing more than a SciFi Channel original. A small town stuck in the 1800's is terrorized by a... wait for it... Ogre! They're not even trying anymore.

If you don't remember The Real Ghostbusters cartoons and you're over 20, then hand in your nerd cards. It's nice to finally be able to have these toons in my chubby little paws once again!

A Troma distributed movie starring... Faye Dunaway? Really? Dr. Fugazzi's deepest darkest secrets are beginning to surface leading her into a world of danger. Detective Rowland is the only one who can help. The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi is written/directed/starred in by October Kingsley

Several people whom happened to be werewolves find themselves chased across the wilds of Germany by an unknown killer! Timo Rose's Beast is the latest from "Barricade" director Timo Rose.

I'm glad he put his name in the title. I might have gotten it confused with someone else's 'Beast'.

The Sinful Dwarf is the biographical telling of our own Louis Fowler's life story, in full glory. In a surprise twist, the movie then turns the corner into its real setup, the story of Olaf and his Mother. Olaf and mom run a boarding house, but they're not very nice. They also run a white slavery ring and force their female boarders to become addicted to heroin to keep them peaceful. A 1973 exploitation classic, this is one that will make you scratch your head for sure.

Timecrimes is a mind bending time travel flick that leaves you confused and amazed all in one fell swoop. A man chased by a masked killer hides inside a time machine and is transported back one full hour before he is attacked. He is left with that hour to unravel the mystery of his attacker and the young dead woman found in the woods behind his house.

Tokyo Zombie is a zany over the top look at the Zombie holocaust in Japan, only as those zany Japanese film makers can do! This one promises to be wacky, crazy and gory as hell.


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