Edward Anderson Talks "Shuttle"

Edward Anderson is currently making the rounds with a film he wrote and directed called "Shuttle". The horror/thriller is being released by Magnolia Entertainment this week, and here's what happened when we tracked Anderson down for an interview recently.

It’s the only ending that makes sense, in part because it’s honest.

What was your initial inspiration for "Shuttle"?

I was on an airport shuttle van and my mind just wandered. There’s a bigger context to the film, something that was thinking about around that time, but it falls into spoiler territory so we can’t to go there.

You recently screened the film at the SXSW, how was the audience reaction?

Shuttle (REVIEW)

"Shuttle" starts out simply enough. Mel and Jules, two 20-something girls fresh off of a late-night flight home from their Mexican vacation, get stranded at the airport looking for their lost luggage. While there they run in to Seth and Matt, a lady's man and a sweetheart respectively, both of whom were on the same plane. As the girls try to hail a bus home, Seth schemes and convinces Matt to forgo their own ride home in favor of following the girls.

The DVD Bargain Bin - 4/7/2009

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Trailer and DVD Date for "Shuttle"

Coming April 7th from Magnolia Home Entertainment, the thriller "Shuttle", starring "Madmen's" Peyton List. Here's the synopsis:

When two friends return home from a girls' weekend vacation in Mexico, they find themselves stranded at the airport. Rain-drenched and eager to get home, they board an airport shuttle for what should be a short trip. However once their feet cross the threshold of the shuttle, the night rapidly descends into darkness and they no longer worry about just getting home - but getting home in one piece.

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