SXSW Trailer Roundup

The film portion of South by Southwest was last week and a few interesting horror flicks screened at Fantastic Fest at Midnight, the genre-themed festival within a festival. A few of the films like Grace, Pontypool and Lesbian Vampire Killers have been covered elsewhere on the site, but we've got a handful of new trailers of notable flicks you might want to put on your radar.

Make-out With Violence

The most buzzed-about film would probably be "Make-out with Violence", the debut feature from the Deagol Brothers. It the story of a pair of twin brothers dealing with the death (and subsequent zombie-like rebirth) of a girl they loved. The early word on it makes it sound like a cross between "Weird Science" and "Dead Alive" made in the style of a quirky indie comedy.

Lake Mungo
The Horseman

(Note: this is a four minute collection of scenes for the "Lake Mungo". For those who don't have time or the interest, a shorter (unembeddable) trailer is available at iMDB.)

Next up is a pair of Aussie films (really, with a name like "Lake Mungo" where else could it be from?). "Lake Mungo" is a faux documentary about the supernatural events that haunt a family in the aftermath of the death of their sixteen year old daughter. It looks similar to the Brit TV classic "Ghostwatch" but without the camp or the guy from "Red Dwarf". "The Horseman" is a good-old-fashioned revenge flick that follows the grisly rampage of a father out for blood after his daughter dies at the hands of some pornographers. Genre fans left underwhelmed by current mainstream attempts at the revenge flick might find something a little more up their alley in "The Horseman".

The Ceremony

If the runaway success of "The Ninth Gate" has taught us anything it's that audiences can't get enough of horror movies about books. "The Ceremony" is about a student who, after waiting until the last minute to write a paper, comes across a mysterious book that seems like it would be the perfect subject for his paper. In true spooky book fashion, though, strange things start to happen as the book's contents begin to affect reality.

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