"Lesbian Vampire Killers" Trailer

While we sit here in America with our countless remakes, the Brits have actually gone out and done something original. I submit for your viewing pleasure the trailer for the soon to be classic film “Lesbian Vampire Killers”. You can thank me later.

You probably don’t need a plot summary after reading the title but I’ll give you one anyway. Two young lads are given the task of battling a gang of female vampires who have enslaved the women of a small Welsch town. Oh and those female vampires make out with each other in stripper outfits. Think “Three Amigos” with blood sucking girl on girl action. The whole thing started out as a bet between two filmmaker friends, who decided to try and come up with the most commercial movie title possible. I think it's safe to say they found it.

“Lesbian Vampire Killers” is being released in the UK on March 20th and I pray a US date will be announced soon. While we wait you can enjoy the full trailer below.

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