Pumpkin Beer Bash: The Final Chug

Although I didn't quite make my promise of 13 by Halloween, I have sampled the last four brews in my Pumpkin Beer Bash! The good news is, although the winter seasonals are starting to roll in bit by bit, pumpkin beers are usually around until Thanksgiving! This last hurrah includes four beers, and believe me when I say that finding 13 different pumpkin beers is quite a task, but not one I take lightly! Enjoy!

Buffalo Bill's Pumpkin Ale

They say: "Buffalo Bill's Pumpkin ale is a true original microbrrew...(that) has been best described as 'Pumpkin Pie in a Bottle'"

I say: This beer has been the second-most recommended pumpkin beer, and as my reviews were reaching a close, I wasn't sure I could find it! My pallette is admitedly a bit burnt out on pumpkins and spice, but this brew cut through to (near) the top of the pack. Although not as "pie-ish" as some other pumpkin beers, Buffalo Bill's is extremely drinkable and a great example of a modest, yet very tasty pumpkin ale.


Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale

They say: "Perfect finisher on a cool autumn night, or match it up with a slice of pumpkin pie and fresh whipped cream. If you don't agree this is the mother of all pumpkin ales, then you just don't like mothers!"

I say: If their description is to be taken as fact, I must really not like mothers! If you've seen one of those videos of someone taking a shot of cinnamon, you can pictrure exactly what my face looked like upon trying this mess. The "fresh whipped cream" suggestion should be taken more literally as a way to wash the taste of this chunder-enducing swill from your mouth. Avoid at all costs.


Fisherman's Pumpkin Stout

They say: "This very unique style is more stout than the usual "pumpkin pie" ales that are out there, with hints of real pumpkin & spice and a dark, coffee, stout flavor!"

I say: Needless to say, I was very excited to find a pumpkin stout when I had sampled nothing but ales so far. Unfortunately, while Cape Ann's "Fisherman Pumpkin Stout" is a pleasing drink, it was really lacking in the qualities I would associate with stouts, specifically the malty coffee flavors specifically mentioned in the description. Not a bad beer by any stretch, but I expected a lot more from a "pumpkin stout," or at least something a little different from the rest.


Rorhbach Pumpkin Spiced Ale

They say:(no description available)

I say: I have been saving this one for last for two reasons. One, it only comes in growler form, meaning I needed a month to pysch myself up to consume 66 oz. (1890ml for you Euros!) of pumpkin beer. Secondly, it's locally brewed, yet surprisingly very difficult to find. I was finally able to get my grubby paws on this mammoth, and all I can say is: "nanna nanna poo poo" to all of you for not living in Rochester and sampling this brew. The spice is on, the pumpkin really tastes like pumpkin, and Rohrbach's Pumpkin Spiced ale warms the cockles like only the great pumpkin ales can. I would say get your hands on it, but unless you live in the greater Rochester area, you're out of luck. You're just going to have to trust me on this one, or come visit Rochester. I'll be the one passed out in the street covered in drool with an empty growler next to me.


Well folks, there you have it! Hopefully you've enjoyed my pumpkin beer reviews, and took some of my suggestions! Although I'm a bit burnt out on the taste, I'm always looking for suggestions, pumpkiny or otherwise. Lord knows I need more ways to reach optimum innebriation. Cheers!


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