October Challenge 4

The days grow shorter and so does my attention span. As we reach the far side of the October Challenge, my mind becomes clouded and my constitution runs thin! I like movies, I really like horror movies... It still starts to get hard after 21 days straight, non stop!

As we stand right now, we're exactly 10 days from Halloween and the end of the October Challenge. To help get me threw the twilight of my attention span, it will soon be time to break out the real meat and potatoes, such as a glut of "Friday the 13th", "Nightmares" and "Halloween" of course!

So read on folks I start to skim the bottom of the barrel!

Day 15

Cribbing from myself in my Look back at Young Frankenstein" article; "Everybody knows and loves the 1974 Mel Brooks classic, "Young Frankenstein". It's a movie that should be a staple of any movie nerds collection, drug out to watch at least once a year. It's simply that good of a movie. A combination of the talent involved, written by comedy god Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder, as well as an A level cast make this movie one for the ages. Through in the fact that their goal was to lampoon a horror classic in its own right, Universals "Frankenstein", there's just something to love for every genre afficianado out there."

It's a Halloween challenge, how can I not watch "Young Frankenstein"?

Day 16

"The Bride of Frakenstein" is yet another classic and one I haven't revisited in quite a long time. Frankly, (pun intended) Boris Karloff is one of my favorite genre actors of all time and it's no exception here. Plus, Elsa Lanchester was a babe in her own right. The movie itself was on par with the "Frankenstein" franchise and it's a movie that hasn't be remade a million times!

Day 17

The movie itself was arguably one of the best horror flicks to hit theaters this year and now the DVD just hit shelves yesterday. The tension is so thick in the 2nd act of this flick. Liv Tyler was pretty good as well, considering she was the primary source of acting for the majority of the flick.

Day 18

Oh Marky Mark. I had faith in you dude, I really did. Having never played all the way through any of the games, I really had no expectations for "Max Payne". The trailer looked really cool though. Action, demons, slick exterior, the works. Turns out, the trailer is a filthy filthy liar! Over at Cinema Fromage I threw up my review over the weekend; the movie is slow going and honestly pretty boring. Phoned in by everybody, the movie is ultimately a snoozer. I'd rather watch Mark Whalberg talk to animals.

Say hi to your ma for me, okay?

Day 19

This movie still pisses in my Wheaties and almost single handedly ended the October Challenge. It's not technically horror, it's still exploitation and a genre flick so I counted it towards the ultimate count of 31 for the month. This movie is nothing more that Larry Bishop's midlife crisis. It's that bad. I swear, I hear Larry Bishop mention 'fucking' one more time, somebody's gonna get slapped.

Day 20

I've been hearing low rumblings over Trailer Park of Terror for a bit, and curiosity finally got the best of me. At the start of the movie we're treated to a song about Herschell Gordon Lewis and some black white TV footage of the man on a TV in the background. Normally this smacks of a filmmaker trying to hard to connect his movie to a classic; by the time I got to the end of this one, it was not the case! "Trailer Park" is actually a pretty damn good homage to "2000 Maniacs". It's not a remake but it's spot on with the elements and appreciation of the splatter classic, complete with redneck troubadours! I went in with low expectations and came out thoroughly enjoying myself.

Day 21

Phantom From Space is an old black and white scifi classic from the 50's that has been colorized by Legend Films. The movie itself is as hokey as you can imagine, but such hokeyness can be appreciated, especially after three weeks of other dreck! It's fun to revisit these old flicks, especially with an eye on what was considered scary in the 50's and what is considered scary now. The idea of a space man that strips nude to become invisible. Scares the shit out of me!


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