October Challenge 3

Seven days...

My body grows weak as I slowly succumb to the insanity my life has become. I can't think straight anymore...my wife hasn't moved nor made any sound in at least two days. I'm afraid of what I've become. I'm afraid of what will come next... Someone else may die...if I don't find the god damn remote!

It's entry #3 for the October Challenge, taking us up to Day 13 of the month! Below you will find everything from old to knew, serious to campy. As I reach the midway point of October, I find myself growing a bit more picky on what I'm enjoying and what I'm not. Not necessarily burnt out on the genre, it's starting to feel more like a job than something fun!

What's the best cure for this? I think after this week its time to dive into some tried and true classics. Maybe this week I'll invite my old friends Freddy, Jason and Mike over to join me!

Day 8

The Gingerdead Man

You can always ALWAYS count on Charles Band for some cheesy puppet slaying. It's pretty much a staple at this point. While the premise of a killer coming back to life in the form of an animated gingerbread cookie may sound ludicrous, it's far worse! That is to say though, it's still classic campy fun. Throw in Gary Busey being...Gary Busey and I can now see why the Brothers BGH enjoy this as much as they do.

Day 9

Splatter Disco

So...a low budget horror musical...starring Ken Foree. Yikes. There are some things to like here; some of the acting is pretty funny, Ken Foree's always worth a laugh. There's so much wrong though as well! The biggest problem? The songs pretty much flat out suck, as I'm sure you could imagine. That aside, the story's okay. Man this one drags on forever though! But, if you cheap gags on fetishes and such are your thing, this will be right up your alley!

Oh, and lest I forget... Debbie Rochon and her boobs make an appearance too! Despite advancing age, I still like em!

Day 10

Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat

This sleepy little vampire flick came out in 1990 with little to no fanfare. There still some that dig it, unfortunately I'm not one of them. The cast is out standing; Bruce Campbell, David Carridine, Deborah 'holy shit she should go blond more often' Foreman to name a few! Unfortunately, the movie just plays too much like an after school special. Even the plot is decent; vampires living in a communal type town in order to stop themselves from feeding on humans. It's all just poorly executed. Still some funny bits though.

Day 11

The Ruins

Oh hey...Jena Malone got all tarted up. That's new! "Ruins" turned out to be better than I expected, however I wasn't expecting much. There's some great gore in here. There was a few moments I actually cringed. Some good claustrophobia as well that helps add to it all. Even the cast was decent...none of them should consider themselves 'scream queens' by any means yet though. Regardless, there was some good story ideas here and it made for a watchable flick. I wouldn't necessarily run out the door to buy it, but it's worth a watch for sure.

Day 12


To kick this off, I haven't seen the original [REC] yet. That will probably show up in the next installment of the October Challenge. From what I saw though, I enjoyed "Quarantine" quite a bit. The first half is needed for some character establishment but is mostly forgettable. Where the true fun lies is the last half of the movie. There's some great jump scares here, great tension as they run through darkened halls. I jumped several times which is a rarity for me, so that says a lot. (Remember, I' m the guy that laughed at "Inside".) So, remake haters be damned, I enjoyed myself!

Day 13

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

I'll admit, this one took some work the first time through. I watched a good hour of the flick, turned it off, didn't come back for about a week after Eric's insistence. Once I did come back though, I was glad I did. The movie seems a bit slow throughout the first half (you noticing a trend here?) but really shines in the last thirty minutes or so here. There's a really good grindhouse feel to the third act here that makes up for any issues that you had with the first two acts. Plus, it's pretty apparent why all the boys love Mandy Lane!

Day 13

Cinematic Titanic: Legacy of Blood

What is there to say? It's the MST3K crew back to the silver screen doing what they do best. I had reviewed their last release, "The Wasp Woman" not too long ago and praised them for returning to classic form. I can happily say that the release for "Legacy of Blood" was even funnier! The gang's in great form here and it's pretty apparent that they're happy to be back. If you were a fan of the old, this is a no-brainer pickup.


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