The October Challenge Week 1

Well, I threatened you all this week with my October Challenge, 31 movies in 31 days, so here is our first recap! I'm three days in and 4 movies up, so off to a good start! Also of note to nobody but me, "Idle Hands" clocked in as the 200th movie I've watched this year! Scary shit indeed.

Day 1

Mother of Tears

Well, it was a work at home day and I haven't been sleeping well. Good thing I found Argento's conclusion to his 'Three Mothers' trilogy, because it was pretty boring. If there is one thing that Argento carried over from the first two flicks, it's the convoluted story line. Blink once and you're lost for the entirety of the movie. However, the gore here was top notch! There was some great kills and what not, so that helps. This movie also helped sway me to Eric's way of thinking for a bit as Asia Argento actually looks pretty good when she cleans up!

The Midnight Meat Train

I've been waiting for this bad boy for a long ass time and thanks to Fearnet, I finally get to see it! Honestly? It was worth the wait because I LOVED it! The story kept me pulled in throughout and I honestly didn't find anything that left a bad taste in my mouth. Vinnie Jones as Mahogany was great and his whole cro-mag brow thing made or some great shots of shadowed eyes and generally creepiness. The gore was off the hook too and I dare say the slow motion effects used for some of them added to them! How often do you hear me say that?

Day 2

The Gate

I love "The Gate". It's a guilty pleasure more than anything, but it's both nostalgic and campy. Hell, Stephen Dorff calling people 'fart face'! How can you get any better? His buddy Terrence was the true highlight with his studded denim vest and his love for black metal. There's really not much that I'd deem scary here, but it's plain old 80's fun. The puppets are great as are the rubber suits, etc. In this day and age of CGI, it's fun to look at what filmmakers did to make 'master demons'; they did it well too.

Idle Hands

Devon who? Devon Sawa? Remember that guy? His lovable stoner shtick worked well here, especially when pared with Seth Green and Eldon Henson. This movie ain't going to win any Oscars but it's good for a laugh. Plus, you get Jessica Alba in her undies. Who can turn that down? The story's pretty loose but works out. What turns into a severed hand flick a la 'The Crawling Hand' in 1963. At least time they just went straight for the zany as opposed to trying to take themselves seriously.

Moving On...

There's plenty more on deck for the weekend, enough so that I have no idea where I'm heading next! I have a handful of classics and modern flicks to choose from so we'll see where the whimsy takes me! You want to challenge me? Post up your suggestions and I'll do what I can to work them in! Just remember though people, this is a 'Challenge'! Don't suggest the easy stuff like "Friday the 13th" or "Halloween"... make me work for it!

"Halloween 3: Season of the Witch" is an acceptable one though cause christ, that's a challenge for anybody to sit through! Well, anybody but Eric!


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