Horror Headlines: Wednesday, March 21st, 2011

I have no idea how I got by before I discovered the Trenta iced coffee at Starbucks. I've been downing at least 1 a day for the past week. Yesterday I had two of the 31oz drinks and discovered the meaning of life. Of course I then blacked out from caffeine overload and when I came to forget the meaning of life. but still, it was pretty awesome.

In all honestly I don't understand the concept of BBC America. It's the BBC... but it's in America? Doesn't BBC mean British Broadcast.... something with a C? How can it be in America then!? And why do they drink so much tea when coffee is so awesome? Let's forget about this for a second though and talk about "Ripper Street", a new show being made for the channel set in 1889 during the fallout from the Jack The Ripper murders. I bet they're going to drink a ton of tea on the show.

Little known fact, "True Blood" is one of the worst shows on TV right now. Well it's not on RIGHT NOW, but you get what I mean. Well I guess it could be on right now. Repeats or something. And I don't even know how to factor in On demand. Really the point here is Season 5 doesn't start for a while and Camilla Luddington, who you might know from "Californication" has just signed on to play a fairy on the show. On the plus side there's a 95% chance she's going to get topless on the next season because she already did on "Californication" and there's really no reason not to after you've done it once.

I did not see this one coming. Eddie Izzard has been cast in the role of Grandpa Munster in the upcoming reboot of the classic TV show "The Munsters", re-titled "Mockingbird Lane" if you're wondering. Seriously I didn't see it coming. I know I'm sarcastic a lot so I think I might not be getting my point across. I did not see this coming. 100% honest. 'Eff you for judging me.

Let's start with something fun. "The Grey" has been given the all systems go for a DVD and Blu-Ray release on MAY 22nd. There's going to be commentary, deleted scenes and god willing some interviews with actual wolves.

In Real People News: 

Normally I find the items I toss into this second spot of the news to be pretty upsetting but honestly the only thing upsetting about this woman who beat her son because of his stupid sagging pants is that she's in trouble for it. She should be given a medal. Banks should be closed in her honor today. We should have a parade.

Troy New York, the birthplace of Uncle Sam, filming sights of movies like "Scent Of A Woman" and "Gangs of New York" and now home to this guy who set up a video camera in the women's locker room at a local college. Home town hero!


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