Mr. Kaufman Goes To Washington

Lloyd Kaufman, founder of Troma studios and director of such seminal classics as "The Toxic Avenger" and "Poultrygeist", has long been a supporter of the internet, and even the downloading of his own films. The way he sees it, his company is often "blacklisted" (his words) from major chain stores because of their controversial films, so if a kid in Illinois finds out about Troma by downloading his latest picture, that's ultimately a win in his eyes.

He recently traveled to congress (!) to talk about independent film and the internet, and since he's got a way with words like no other, I'll let him explain to you what's going on...

I recently traveled to the halls of Congress in Washington DC to speak at a forum hosted by Congresswoman Diane E. Watson (D – California) and Media Fusion for a discussion on the key issues that impact the independent film and media industry. My remarks took place in Congress’ Rayburn Building in one of the hearing rooms where I warned against the evils of media consolidation by the MPAA and major conglomerates and discussed how we, the people, need to keep the internet free, open and diverse.

I believe it was the first time since Martin Van Buren’s famed Cold War/Hot Shower speech that the phrase, “Sleep on the floor, eat cheese sandwiches three times a day and learn how to defecate in a paper bag,” could be heard in a Congressional hearing room. Regardless, it was an important gathering and I urge you to support the cause by watching the following video and posting it for others to see...

Anything for you, Lloyd. In usual Troma fashion, this video is hilarious AND informative. If you have a place you can embed it, please do so and help support independent cinema!

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