Check out what happens when evil editors at BGH match images from The Exorcist with a razor sharp dubstep remix of the movie's main theme.

(The music track for this remix was not produced by BGH, and has since been removed from Youtube. If you have information on who produced this track, please contact so we can give proper credit.)

I'm not sure that you can say "truth is stranger than fiction" when you're talking about a band like Slipknot, who has been doing the freaky metal circus performer thing since I dabbled in jeans with vestigial zippers in the early 2000's. However, just when I thought I'd never hear about them again, they go ahead and do something too hilarious to ignore. Apparently, former drummer one-of-thirty Joey Jordison has revealed that he was fired from the band in the most insulting way possible.

As a huge "Alien" and "Aliens" fan, I get drawn towards a lot of art projects inspired by the franchise, but seldom do I find something that creeps me out more than the actual movie! Enter Portrait Sculptor and Prop Builder Sculptor Steve! Originally found on Buzzfeed, this meticulous silicone sculpt of Sigourney Weaver was created using photos from 1986's "Aliens"!

Sometimes you have a slow day, and you just can't conjure up any material for the ole' blog. Then, there are days like reported on Blabbermouth:

Guitarist Oz Fox of reactivated Christian hard rockers STRYPER will marry Annie Lobért, a 41-year-old former call girl who founded the international Christian ministry Hookers for Jesus, on June 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Nothing quite sets a nerd's heart aflutter like the premise of their favorite characters meeting up in situations that they shouldn't. Most of the time, these fantasies manifest themselves in a fan-comic like "Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash," but occasionally, you'll find a foreign film that manages to satisfy a fantasy that you never even knew that you had. Thanks, Turkey!