Trailer and DVD Date for "Shuttle"

Coming April 7th from Magnolia Home Entertainment, the thriller "Shuttle", starring "Madmen's" Peyton List. Here's the synopsis:

When two friends return home from a girls' weekend vacation in Mexico, they find themselves stranded at the airport. Rain-drenched and eager to get home, they board an airport shuttle for what should be a short trip. However once their feet cross the threshold of the shuttle, the night rapidly descends into darkness and they no longer worry about just getting home - but getting home in one piece.

Discovering that actions have severe consequences, Mel and Jules soon learn the only thing more terrifying about not knowing where they are going is learning that they may not be coming back. Written and directed by Flawless writer Edward Anderson, the disturbing joyride gone-wrong features Peyton List ("Mad Men," "Big Shots"), Cameron Goodman ("Mad Men," Frozen Kiss, Hurt, The Informers) and Tony Curran (The Good German, The Lazarus Project, Underworld: Evolution).

I just checked out the trailer and it seems like a pretty wild ride. A quick Google search also turned up a handful of positive reviews. We should have our own review up soon. Until then, check the trailer below:

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