Episode 291 - "Godzilla"


Have you guys heard of this Godzilla person? Me neither.

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Episode 281 - "Come Out and Play"


Who could kill a child? Turns out most of us, pretty easily in fact.

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Episode 273 - "We Are What We Are"


This one comes to you literally from our Mom's basement...

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BGH Classic Pack - Remake-Apolooza! Vol. 3

Remakes: can't live with'em, can't murder everyone involved with'em. The silver lining of course is that modern horror's remake insanity has given rise to some epic podcast episodes. In previous classic packs we've combined some of the best and worst of recent horror remakes.

Episode 250 - "Maniac (2013)"


So... short people are creepy, amiright?

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Episode 246 - "Evil Dead


Did you guys hear they remade The Evil Dead?

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Evil Dead (REVIEW)

At a certain point while watching "Evil Dead" I thought to myself that this might just be the goriest film I have ever seen in theaters. That's a caveat worth noting. I would expect that most people visiting this site regularly have absolutely seen gorier films, but I can confidently say that there are things in "Evil Dead" that your average movie-goer has never before seen on a big screen. It's this ability to mimic, and at times honor the splatter-house roots of the original "Evil Dead" that makes this remake such a success.

BGH Classic Pack - Remake-Apolooza!

Over at the podcast, few topics get our hackles up as much as remakes. Offensive. Derivative. Misguided. You name it, we've said it.

If you missed out on some of our more vitriolic podcast episodes, now's your chance to enjoy the hate. Our first BGH Classic pack offers the chance to re-live the drama.

Limited Theater Engagement Announced for "Silent Night"

Just in time for the holiday season, "Silent Night", the remake of the 80's chesse-tastic horror classic "Silent Night, Deadly Night", is headed towards an exclusive theater engagement beginning on November 30th. The Anchor Bay film is described as a loose remake of the original classic and features the likes of Malcolm McDowell, Jaime King, and Donal Logue.

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