Michael Doughtery

There's already a lot of talk about Spike Lee's remake of the Japanese flick "Oldboy" and I'm 99% sure not one second of film has rolled. But that fact aside, and it may not be a fact honestly because I refuse to check my facts, the flick has been given an October 11th 2013 release date. Almost a year away? Geez I think I'll be an old boy by the time this one comes out. Get it! OLD BOY!

A couple weeks back we talked about how Elijah Wood and his freaky teeth had started a new production company called The Woodshed. Well it looks like the company is wasting no time getting things moving because they've announced two new films they'll be thrusting out. "Toad Road", based on an urban legend and "A Girl Walks Home At Night" about an Iranian ghost town overrun by vampires have both been picked up for distribution. The teeth comment might of been kind of mean. I should have just mentioned his bug eyes and left it at that.

A supernatural sex show in New Orleans sounds kind of sassy if you ask me. I know you didn't, but I still thought you should know. God all we do is talk about you. ANYWAY! The show is called "The Big Easy" (clever) and it's been picked up by the fine folks at CBS and follows a hard livin trumpet player who also happens to be a paranormal investigator. You know how I love trumpet ghost stories. I've never hidden that fact and I never will.

This past weekend I sat down to watch Michael Doughtery's "Trick R Treat" as I do every year around this special spooky time. It was lovely. We had some company over, I made some delightful pulled chicken sliders and fun was had by all. But wouldn't it be nice to have a sequel to the anthology flick? Well according to Michael he's more and more interested in doing the project so there is some hope. Of course he hasn't written a word for script and there's nothing really in the works. But hey, he's kind of interested. That's just about as good as a release date right?