We feel like lucky viewers at a Brock/Candyman showdown around here today! That's right, as you may have heard on our recent podcast, BGH has decided to join the ranks of Patreon. We're not breaking new ground here, in fact, we've held out on pulling the trigger until we felt like we had something that made sense and would work for everyone -- fans, the crew, our parents, the high lord, etc. 

We take a trip back to the early 90's this week to review Clive Barker's "Candyman", and Mark fills in for Joe with a beer recommendation.

The Raimi name is synonymous of horror of course, but that is in large part because of Sam. He's a big name these days in director circles. There's another Raimi out there though that has plugged his face into many a background scene; that would be Sam's brother, Ted.